• Lara Katsova will teach Voronezh residents to cook

    For two days Voronezh will become the culinary capital of Russia. On April 25 and 26, a large-scale exhibition EXPO FOOD SHOW will be held on the territory of the Expo Event-Hall of City-Park “Grad”. Visitors are expected tastings, star workshops on cooking homemade dishes and culinary fights. Among the distinguished guests are the president of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia Igor Bukharov, the husband of Larisa Guzeeva, the participant of television projects on the Domashny channel Daria Pynzar and the unique Lara Katsova.
    Photo: Domashny channel

    On the first day of the exhibition there will be a competition for making the best cake. More than 10 Voronezh pastry chefs will develop a recipe and a unique dessert design style that will become the gastronomic symbol of Voronezh in 2017. Also on April 25, the contest of confectionery art of the Black Soil Region "ART CLASS" will take place In the Culinary Championship of the Black Soil Region, which is a qualifying round on the way to the final of the All-Russian Championship Chef a la Russe - 2018, experts from the entire region will compete for the title of best chef.And bartenders will demonstrate the art of making cocktails as part of the Universal Bartender’s UNIVERSAL BARTENDER`S CUP Cup.

    Photo: Domashny channel

    The highlight of the entertainment program of the first day of the exhibition will be an interactive show on cooking home-made dishes from Lara Katsova, the TV host of the TV show “Home Cooking” on Domashniy TV channel, the author of the book Home Cooking. The guest of the show is Daria Pynzar, a participant in the TV projects “Pregnant Women” and “Wedding Size”.

    Photo: Eveht-Hall

    Recall that a few years ago, Lara Katsova organized a culinary master class at the Central Market. Then the TV presenter fed Voronezh salsa. In between cooking, Lara gave advice to the housewives. “There must be cereals in the house: buckwheat, rice, millet,” Lara teaches. - Do not do without pasta. If guests suddenly come to you, one of the fastest and easiest dishes is pasta. Another simple recipe for dinner: boiled buckwheat with browned carrots, onions and fried mushrooms. Do not save on greenery. I am for dairy products in the fridge. In my opinion, any hostess will be able to whip up pancakes with apples.By the way, I always cook in the program from inexpensive products. ”

    Daria Pynzar tells Voronezh girls how to quickly regain shape after giving birth.

    Entrance to the exhibition is free. A detailed program can be found.here.

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