• Lawns: types, landing, care

    A distinctive feature of the modern lawn is its man-made, while the lawn implies natural origin, partly improved by the owner of the land plot. The symbols of aristocracy, the English lawns-launas (the word found in the name "lawn tennis"), once emphasized the wealth of families who allowed themselves to occupy vast territories with highly aesthetic grass carpets that were free from agricultural tasks and were not used for construction.
    From one of the points of view of a practical lawn, it seems to be a kind of overkill - it is much easier to take care of the territory laid with tiles or asphalt. However, there is another opinion on this issue - lawn lovers who remember troublesome periods with the cultivation of flowers in flowerbeds at the site of silky green lawns. One thing is true - the price of the effort expended will pay off with the beauty and utility of such an eco-cover.

    What are the lawns

    Lawns are created from cereals, most often from varieties of fescue, bent, bluegrass, timothy and ryegrass. According to the types of grass planting are divided into decorative and special, including sports. The first type is represented, among others, by such a spectacular variety as the Moorish lawn, including not only cereals, but also flowers. Ideally smooth and exquisitely silky parterny, or park, lawn. Unable to save him from the weeds - we get ordinary, lower quality.
    Sporting grounds, traditionally sown with resistant varieties of cereal, are becoming increasingly rare. This troublesome business is the care of large areas: they tramp there, they lock it, it is necessary to sow bald spots, comb it. And often come to replace synthetic coatings that mimic the grass-ant. On a smaller scale, in the adjoining areas, the relevance of such resistant grass coverings does not decrease: the emerald pile of guest areas, parking for cars magically straightens, showing a perfect look to the next day.

    Lawn planting methods

    The desire to quickly see a piece of land decorated with grass carpet leads to the manufacturers of rolled lawns.The turf layers are grown most often by the hydroponic method, are obtained perfectly even in thickness, are selected exactly according to the size of the greened territory, their laying takes a minimum of time.The earthen mixture at the place of expansion of grass rolls should have the necessary acidity and alkaline balance, necessary for the first time fertilizers, ensuring the development of the root system.
    The lawn, the appearance of which will have to wait, is bought in the form of a packet with seeds, which indicates how many square meters you can sow with the contents of the packet. The loosened earth, in which the seed of lawn grasses has fallen, is compacted and protected from domestic animals and birds. This can help a special covering material. Periodic irrigation is required in the absence of germination.
    Large areas — roadsides, dams, parks — are planted by hydroseeding. Semi-germinated seeds of cereals are enveloped in a nutrient mixture with additives that keep them on the soil, and are sprayed with a stream of water from a special container. The effectiveness of the method is very high.

    Lawn carpet care

    Idle my lawn will not allow.Growing and branching, the “tops” block the access of oxygen to the “roots”, so the sod will have to be pierced periodically. The solid mass of grass quickly impoverishes the soil, because the cut part is not left to rot and get natural compost - therefore, fertilizers are needed. Feed the lawn in accordance with the recommendations on the packaging of fertilizers, it is desirable to do this before watering or rain, but not in the heat.If there are flowers next to the lawn or you own a Moorish lawn, be careful: often herbicides are included in lawn fertilizers, which preclude the existence of a number of any plant species except for cereals.
    Depending on the growth rate, more or less frequent cutting will be necessary. To scarify (remove the dying mass and comb moss) grass and restore the thinned areas will also have to. Mowing the grass “lint” should be done quite often; by the cooling season it should be increased.

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