• List of the most interesting temples in Myanmar

    Myanmar is an incredible, beautiful and fascinating Asian country. But it is famous, above all, for its temples. And among them there are those that deserve special attention.

    So, the most interesting temples of the state of Myanmar:

    1. The monastery of dancing cats is located on a "small lake"Inle. And the life of the inhabitants of this place is closely related to water: their dwellings are located on the surface of the watery surface, they harvest from the vegetable gardens located on the water and even pray directly in the water element. Accordingly, all the temples are also on the lake, but perhaps the most popular among them is the Monastery of jumping cats. There are few monks in it, but there are plenty of four-legged furry animals. And the thing is that when the affairs of the monastery began to deteriorate, the abbot decided to seek help from the cats who always lived on the bank of the Inle. And surprisingly, the situation soon improved significantly. And the monks still thank the animals: they never drive them away, supply them with food and worship them as their patrons.
    2. Anang TempleIt has long been considered a real business card of Bagan.It was built back in the year 1091, and the name was in honor of one of the disciples of the Buddha. Moreover, the architect who created this magnificent structure, on the orders of King Chanzitta, was buried alive, so that no other beautiful place like a temple appeared on Earth anymore. Even the shape of the building is unique, which repeats a symmetrical cross, complemented by stupas and headed by a gilded tower. Inside, even more interesting: these are tablets and bas-reliefs with scenes from the life of the Buddha and parables, hundreds of statues of the Prosecutor and even footprints of the Buddha himself. And if you believe the legend, the architect carefully guards his offspring, because the temple survived the most difficult times, but still managed to preserve its original appearance.
    3. Listing the most popular temples of Myanmar is worth paying attention to.Shwedagon Pagodawhich is considered one of the most famous temples of the Buddha. According to the legends, the Bhalik and Tapusa brothers decided to keep the hairs that had fallen from the head of the fourth Buddha during the sermon, in order to preserve them for posterity, like a relic. And King Ocalapa ordered the construction of a temple in which it was possible to keep this sacred hair.And according to one of the legends, the pagoda is the only place in which pieces of all four Buddhas came into the world: the Kakusandhi staff, which belonged to the Kassapa shirt, a few Gautama hairs and the Konagaman’s bowl. One way or another, but when you see this building, you will definitely admire, because it shines like the sun. Its almost hundred-meter stupa is covered with gold leaf, and its top is decorated with stones and bells. This is an amazing sight!
    4. In the photo you can estimateTaung Kalat Monastery. A hundred years after its construction, its large-scale construction was carried out. And the location of the temple deserves special attention, because it is located on the real Olympus of Burma - a mountain called Pop (it translates as "flower"), which is an extinct volcano (local people endow it with amazing properties and special power). According to one of the legends, U Tin Te and his sister, who were deceived and burned, are buried under a tree planted on top, buried with unique abilities. Now, twice a year on the holidays of the new moon, Nado and Nayon to this place make pilgrimages. By the way, 777 steps lead to the temple,and with a stunning panoramic view.
    5. A sacred and incredibly popular place among pilgrims is an amazingpagoda Mahamuni. She began to build, so she became the seat of the statue of one of the Buddhas - Gautama. The height of this figure is 4.5 meters, and the monks wipe it every morning with a rag and even special brushes clean their teeth to improve their karma. And the statue has become almost precious, because it is regularly covered with gold leaf. But women cannot touch Gautama, as in many other temples, so they can only enjoy the beauty and just see it from the side.
    6. Another temple that is worth seeing any tourist ispagoda Schwezigon. In this huge stupa, located in Bahamas and covered with natural gold leaf, a relic is kept - a copy of the tooth of one of the Buddhas who came to Earth (the original is in Sri Lanka, in the town of Kandy). Moreover, it is believed that it was Shwezigon that became the basis for the creation of other temples, it was his magnificent stupa that was adopted as the standard. Around there are several gazebos with ancient Buddhas.Also on the territory you can find numerous souvenir shops, in which pilgrims and tourists gladly purchase statues and reduced copies of relics.
    7. Schwezendau Pagodabeautiful and majestic, and it was built about a millennium ago by the first king of Bagan Anavrakhta. The gorgeous white pyramid of this temple is complemented by a gilded dome glittering and shimmering under the sunlight. According to legend, the inside is kept the sacred hair of the Buddha himself. This wonderful place is located in the southeast of Old Bagan, and from here there are stunning views that become especially beautiful at sunset. But still it is better to go here sutra, when there are no crowds of tourists. But be prepared for difficulties, because on the way to Schwezendau you will have to overcome a steep long staircase. But it's worth it!
    8. If you find yourself in Myanmar, then you should definitely look atKutkhodo pagodalocated in Mandalay. And it is considered a classic Burmese complex, consisting of one huge gilded stupa, in which there are four entrances. Around there are many (only 729) small white marble stupas.And they cut out the phrases from the Tripitaka - a special sacred scripture. And they cut them for as long as nine years. Also on the walls you can see the names of some rulers, who especially faithfully served the Buddha.
    9. Chagouthaji Pagodaappeared almost by accident, when it was decided to start the railway through Yangon. And when the work was done in the jungle, before the eyes of English engineers opened a stunner - a huge statue of a reclining Buddha, which probably would have remained forgotten and hidden from prying eyes. And initially it was taken for a mountain, but then it was considered and decided to save. The figure was cleared, and now it is the center of the Chhouthaji pagoda. The height of the statue is about fifteen meters, and the length is almost fifty-five meters. It looks like a reclining Buddha, and many believe that it is recreated at the time of attaining nirvana, that is, death on Earth.
    10. Caittiyo Pagoda- This is a real golden mountain, and it looks like this, representing a huge boulder covered with gold, located almost on the edge of the abyss. According to the legend, spirits brought him here, and Buddha helped them to fix the stone, who used his hair.Since the sea, many have tried to push the boulder, but without success. Moreover, it is not secured, and local monks say that you can squeeze a rope under it.
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