• Loader rental

    Loader rentalRental of JCB loaders in Moscow and the region

    Our company has long been offering rental services for special equipment at affordable prices. We provide a wide range of models from well-known manufacturers. In the section http://www.ooospk.ru/arenda-pogruzchika.php you can get acquainted with the models of loaders and the cost of their rent.

    Renting a forklift from us will allow you to forget about the need to independently purchase expensive equipment, provide for its repair and maintenance, and will also be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of a number of other additional services.

    How to choose the right type and model?

    Depending on the tasks that you will be setting, it is necessary to choose the optimal model with the necessary characteristics. So, if in the course of work it is necessary to overload bulk materials, then it is better to rent a model with a bucket.

    It is also possible to significantly expand the capabilities of the loader by installing on its replacement equipment, with the help of which you can dig trenches, carry out tick-taking and many other actions. Turning to our company, you can choose any type of special equipment with the right characteristics.Our experts will advise you on the capabilities of different models and help you make the right choice.

    Term of rent and payment

    Cooperating with us, you can rent a loader for a long period and at the same time rely on a reasonable price. We offer a flexible pricing system, tight control of the serviceability of equipment, quality service, and also always strive to make cooperation mutually beneficial.

    We offer our equipment with a mechanic.

    Finding an experienced, qualified driver can take a lot of time, so it’s much easier to get it along with the loader. Can this be done? With us, yes. By renting a loader from our company, you can also use the services of a driver and not look for a professional to manage the loader.

    Rent or buy?

    If you still doubt whether to rent or buy, then think about what you will be worth buying, service, parking and repairs. Renting a loader in Moscow is a better deal that will allow you to use the model you need without the attendant hassle.

    Guarantees of fair work

    Turning to us at SPK, the customer may not worry about the serviceability of the equipment and its maintenance. We offer honest and transparent conditions for cooperation, we form a mutually beneficial contract and take obligations with respect to leased equipment.

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