• Lolita Diet

    The actress, presenter, singer Lolita Milyavskaya from the very beginning of his stage career had extra pounds. But thanks to various diets, she struggled with them, albeit with varying success. She is an interesting personality, therefore she is perceived by the audience at any weight and with any figure. However, Lolita has become the author of a diet that is now very popular among women who dream of a beautiful figure.

    Kefir Diet Lolita

    This Lolita diet is quite strict, the feeling of hunger will be present. But there is no beauty without victims, so be prepared that you will miss the familiar buns and fried potatoes. In addition to losing weight, this diet removes from the body a lot of harmful substances, cleanses the intestines from toxins, and blood from toxins. The same practice claims that after it there is a feeling of cheerfulness and freshness. A diet saves in a week, that is, in 7 days, from 5-6 kilograms.

    Diet course

    So, on the first day of the diet, you should eat 5-6 pieces of boiled potatoes and drink 0.5 liters of kefir. On the second day, the amount of kefir increases to one and a half liters, from food - chicken breast 100-150 grams.On the third day, kefir is drunk in the same volume, but instead of chicken, you should also eat 150 g of boiled lean pork or beef. On the fourth day, you need to drink the same half liter of kefir and eat 150 g of boiled fish. The remaining three days will be the most difficult. On Friday, it is allowed to eat only vegetables and fruits (exclude grapes and bananas). On Saturday, that is, on the sixth day of the diet, you can drink only kefir, just 1.5 liters. And on the seventh day we do not eat anything, do not drink kefir, use only mineral water in any quantities.

    Dangers of diet

    Remember that not only the diet of Lolita Milavskaya, but any other, can cause an irrepressible appetite immediately after its completion. Indiscriminate eating after a diet is even more unhealthy than the diet itself. So get out of it gradually. Gradually add the amount of food consumed so as not to undermine the health of the stomach and intestines. The second danger of the diet is a nervous breakdown, hunger can be the cause of it, if the number of pounds dropped does not match your plans, a sense of inferiority from failure, etc.

    Second diet lolita

    There is another Lolita diet, which differs from the first in that it is low-carb. It is also designed for 7 days, but you should see the results after 4 days.Lose weight can be up to 5 kilograms. All week you need to eat on the set menu. For breakfast, 100 g of cottage cheese, mixed with 50 g of various fruits, are eaten, which can be washed down with unsweetened tea. At lunch - boiled or steamed lean fish, vegetable salad 100g, for dessert - any fruit, if it is a banana, then half. At dinner, which should be 4 hours before bedtime, you can drink a glass of kefir and enjoy a slice of black bread. Plus to this set it is necessary to drink 2 liters of water every day, sweets, coffee, alcohol are prohibited. Exercise during the diet is prohibited, you can afford a good walk in the fresh air.

    In conclusion, it must be said that both of these diets are not long-term, it is very dangerous for health to observe their longer duration. And the second version of the diet is strictly prohibited to those who have problems with the excretory system, that is, with the kidneys.

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