• Love in a mini-bikini: photo of the stars from the honeymoon

    We collected the most touching, romantic and candid shots of famous newlyweds.

    A few months ago a 26 year old modelEmily Ratakovskishocked the public with the news that after only three months of the relationship she married her boyfriendSebastian Behr-McCluard. The couple spent their honeymoon in Utah. Emily on Instagram shared with her numerous followers candid shots from vacation.

    Pleased fans with candid photos during their honeymoon and TV presenterAlena Vodonaeva. Due to her busy work schedule, Allen and her husband are a musician.Alexey KosinusWere able to go on holiday to Bali only three months after the wedding.

    Maldives for their honeymoon chosen singerSati Casanovaand Italian photographerStefano Tiozzo. They already had three weddings! First marriage registration in Moscow,then a wedding in Caucasian costumes and traditions in the homeland of the bride in Kabardino-Balkaria and, finally, a cozy family celebration in Italian in the suburbs of Turin. After this series of celebrations, the honeymoon couple preferred to spend solitary, on a small island, in apartments with a terrace, access to the ocean.

    Sati Casanova and Stefano Tiozzo
    Photo: @satikazanova

    MotandMaria Melnikovaoften travel together, and even the proposal the musician made during a joint holiday in Thailand. But for the honeymoon lovers chose Greece. The photo in his Instagram Mot accompanied by the words "It was a magical 4 days." They decided to extend the romantic holidays a year later, once again going to the same country for a print wedding anniversary. According to the musician, in this way they marked the entry into the "club of women with experience".

    Almost a year waiting for their honeymoonAlexander OvechkinandAnastasia Shubskaya. They legalized their relationship on August 28, 2016 in one of the palaces of marriages in Moscow, and the wedding was played on July 8, 2017 in Barvikha near Moscow. After that, and went on a trip to the Maldives. A fabulous vacation awaited them there, with a swimming pool next to a secluded hut, cycling, hammam, massage and romantic sunsets.

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