• Margarita Cocktail

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    Margarita Cocktail

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    Margarita Cocktail

    Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails in the world.

    Like many other cocktails, Margarita cocktail has a very complicated history of origin. A huge number of versions exist about the appearance of the name of this cocktail. However, it is only credible that a certain woman named Margaret was undoubtedly involved in this.

    The history of Margarita cocktail.

    It is believed that Margarita appeared around the years 1930-1940.

    One of the versions of the appearance reads: the manager of the Crespo hotel, Denny Negrete, had a sweetheart named Margaret, and it was for her that he mixed this cocktail.

    The heroine of another legend about the origin of Margaret is a Texas aristocrat named Margherita Seyms. It is believed that she was very fond of various mixes and cocktails at her receptions and parties, and the most popular cocktail was made of a mixture of lime, tequila and Cointreau. Hence its name: Margarita.

    According to another version, the Margarita cocktail was invented by the Mexican bartender Carlos Harrera (1938).He was struck by one of the visitors of the bar, and he specially mixed a cocktail for her and gave him a name by her name: Margarita.

    Margarita Cocktail

    How to make a margarita cocktail? This process is not particularly difficult even at home, but many people prefer to order Margarita in bars.

    Margarita Cocktail: composition and recipe.

    The recipe for the classic Margarita cocktail (120 ml) includes the following ingredients:

    • 60 ml of tequila;
    • 40 ml of orange liqueur (usually used such liquors as Cointreau, Transparent Curacao, Grand Marnier);
    • 20 ml of lime juice.

    Margarita cocktail is prepared as follows:

    5-6 ice cubes are put in a shaker, then the above ingredients are added. Everything mixes up.

    Margarita cocktail is served in glasses, with a salt rim. Usually one ice cube is added to a cocktail. Decorate margarita with a slice of lime or lemon.

    Like other cocktails, Margarita has many different ways of cooking, so you have the opportunity to choose a cocktail to your taste:

    Margarita Cocktail

    Blue Margarita (with the addition of blue Curacao), Strawberry Margarita (strawberry is added to the classic margarita and the side of the glass is framed with sugar)Banana Margarita (in this drink, half of the lime juice is replaced by banana juice), Gold Margarita (for the preparation of this variety, use the Aneho tequila and Grand Magnier liqueur).

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