• Maria Kulikova: “Where to invest, if not in children”

    The actress leads the 7-year-old son Vanya to the first class. And she first sent on September 1.
    - I studied in a wonderful, but rather strict gymnasium with in-depth study of the English language. At some time, we were forbidden to be painted and wear earrings. The school itself is located in an old building, one could think from the outside that it was some kind of factory. Vanya is different, he has a homely atmosphere at school
    Photo: Roman Kuznetsov

    - We have a double holiday, and at Vanka, and at me - ours on September 1 for the first time in a life. I went to study on October 2, because I had run into the hospital the day before. I remember that I put on a white apron, someone from the teachers met us and told my mom: “Why are you in festive form?” She explained that we are going to school for the first time. The teacher replied: “OK, but as an exception. This is not accepted. ” Therefore, now I am experiencing some kind of excitement, because this is the first holiday on which I will be present and have a real attitude to it.

    There were a lot of conversations with friends and acquaintances on the choice of school about searching the Internet. And then, as is most often the case, everything was decided by chance. I received a call from Peter the Great's First European Gymnasium and asked if I would like to engage in teaching activities in their drama school. I replied that, unfortunately, my schedule will not allow me to devote the proper amount of time to this, but I will try to help, find trusted people. I turned to the beautiful artist Katya Klimova, and she recommended wonderful teachers to me. This is where our acquaintance began. Then I thought that it was not just the people from this school who found my phone through thirties acquaintances and a cousin.

    I decided to come here and see what was happening. We always clearly understand when we enter the premises, whether we are good there or not. So it happened here. When I entered the territory, I looked into the kindergarten and heard the teacher talk with the children in German. I asked her some question in Russian and received an answer in a whisper. I asked: "Is someone sleeping?" Who knows, they have a quiet hour. She said: “No, they just do not know that I speak Russian”. I really liked it.Like the fact that the children, seeing me, opened the door and waited for me to pass. Do you understand? Such subtleties play a role. Plus, the school smells like delicious pastries. Bread is not brought from somewhere, but is baked in the morning. And how shocked I was when I saw a tureen in the dining room! I don’t use this accessory at home, but at school it is, which is nice, because they are trying to teach children not to fast food and food while running, but to calm behavior at the table. It may not be relevant to knowledge, but it seemed to me that children should study in such a place with a homely atmosphere. It may seem to someone that I chose a school in a rather primitive way: eight minutes to go from home, it smells like fresh bread, the tureens on the table. But it seems to me that this is also important for learning. The child should be in a pleasant atmosphere. At the age of Vania I had to spend more than an hour on the way to school. I remembered it very well and I think that it is necessary to minimize the time on the way, because it takes a huge amount of energy that can be spent on acquiring knowledge.

    When I started to study, despite the fact that it was an elite school in China’s city in the very center of Moscow, I was shown a “first interview” in the first class with two pictures where the children ride sleds and catch butterflies and asked them are different.She said that these are different seasons. In response, I heard: “Fine, in the 1st“ A ”. That is, then no one even asked me to read something, although I knew how. Now everything is different and more serious. Children to school already know how to properly hold a pen, read, write, know the basics of foreign languages. Fantastic! Vanya has all these skills, but this is not my merit, but nanny. So I take this opportunity: I tell Galina Nikolaevna many thanks. She is a professional teacher and showed me how to gently teach a child to play and do homework. Because when a person is near an adult, of course, children from under a stick will cope with many things. But you need to teach that you only give impetus, and the child himself is engaged and, only when real help is needed, appeals to the elders.

    Vanya went here to “prepare” for about half a year. He was very interested, but I will not lie, to be honest, while he does not want to go to school. He has almost all his friends at least a year older, there are those who are ten, eleven, twelve years old, that is, they are experienced boys and girls who are already studying. Therefore, communicating with them, he hears a lot of information that I do not confirm to him.I answer: “Few people say anything about their studies? Someone, perhaps, does not like chocolate ice cream and Margherita pizza, but you also like it! Therefore, let us form an opinion ourselves, even if we have a week to go and see what is what. ” He likes teachers. He communicates with them warmly. They are really charming, and I think this is the key to success - the very human factor. After all, the program can be anything advanced and with chic textbooks, but if the teachers are not interested, then nothing will work out. It seemed to me that those who love their work work here.

    We did not choose the first teacher. I am a fatalist in this regard. How many stories have heard about how people wanted an experienced person and went to the director and complained that they were not included in those lists, some connections were connected, and then they thanked the fate a thousand times that everything turned out exactly as it happened. Yes, a young, inexperienced teacher came, but he was ready, charged, happy because this is his first class. There such miracles happened, curious excursions arose. So you need to relax, and then how it will be. We will both see our teacher on September 1st.

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