• Masala tea - useful and unusual

    Tea is loved by many of us. But simple black tea is not the limit, because there are many other varied and interesting varieties. One of them is masala tea. How to cook it? And is such a drink useful? We learn!

    What it is?

    Masala is a traditional Indian tea, namely India is its historical homeland. Translated from the Hindi language, such an unusual name means “tea with spices”, and it reflects the essence of this drink.


    Surprisingly, there is no single or traditional recipe for such tea, because each generation introduces something of its own, and each family has its own unique and unique recipe.

    What is this tea made of?

    We list the main ingredients of the drink:

    1. Tea is the basis of the drink. Leaf black tea is most often used, it gives strength and invigorates, although it is acceptable to use green tea, but it is added less frequently. You can use different varieties, but they should not have a too bright and pronounced taste, otherwise they will be muffled and lost against the general background tastes of other ingredients.
    2. The second ingredient is a sweetener.In India, you will not see the usual white sugar, there it is simply not consumed, because they believe that there is nothing useful and good in it. But brown cane or palm sugar - what you need. You can also use natural honey.
    3. The third equally important ingredient is milk. At home, the drink traditionally used buffalo milk, but the usual cow's milk is also quite suitable.
    4. And the last ingredient that gives the drink a spicy taste and unique flavor is spices. They can be very diverse. For example, use cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, fennel, nutmeg, pepper, fenugreek, rose petals, saffron, almonds, and more. With the help of different variations, you can change the taste of the drink, so improvise and fantasize.

    Is such a drink useful?

    Spices required

    Is masala tea useful? Yes, of course. Its benefits will depend on the specific ingredients that make up the composition.

    Here are some useful features:

    • This tea helps to cheer up and relieves drowsiness, especially in the morning.
    • There is a general strengthening effect that makes it advisable to use tea after serious illnesses and during the recovery period.
    • This drink is useful for colds, flu.
    • Masala helps strengthen the immune system.
    • Milk in the composition is rich in calcium, necessary for our bones, hair and nails.
    • Milk contains protein, which is extremely necessary for the body, as it is a building block for all cellular structures. And especially it needs muscle tissue.
    • When used, the appetite improves, intestinal peristalsis is stimulated, digestion is normalized.
    • This tea can improve blood circulation and blood supply to all tissues and organs. And this means that the body's metabolic processes will accelerate, so that masala can be considered useful for weight loss.
    • It is useful for the cardiovascular system: the heart muscle is strengthened, the vessels become more elastic.
    • An excess of harmful cholesterol is formed, which forms plaques in the vessels (and such plaques can lead to the development of atherosclerosis or to the formation of a thrombus).
    • Cinnamon has an antioxidant effect, that is, protects cells from the negative effects of free radicals, which often leads to the development of cancer.
    • Cardamom significantly improves brain activity, improves memory, increases concentration.
    • Pepper is able to improve mood and give strength.
    • Clove improves mood, relieves apathy and depression and improves mood.
    • Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects, so it is useful in infections and poisoning. And still such component promotes active burning of fatty deposits.

    Who is this tea is contraindicated?

    Healthy drink

    Contra indications for tea masala are few, but still they are. First of all, it is worth refusing the given drink at individual intolerance of components. You also need to be more careful with digestive disorders and with some problems with the heart, as well as with increased excitability and with nervous disorders. Allergic reactions are possible, but not as common.

    In order to avoid undesirable consequences, consult with your doctor before use.

    How to cook?

    He has an interesting taste

    If you do not want to look for spices and prepare the drink yourself, then buy a ready mix in a specialized store or in a large tea department. How much does this tea cost? The price varies from 150-200 to 500 and more rubles per 100 grams of the mixture. The specific cost depends on the composition, because it can be different.You can also buy a ready-made mixture of spices (without tea) and use it.

    How to make tea? A lot of recipes, but cooking methods are similar. Here's what to do:

    1. First you need to mix the milk with water. One part of milk should be one part of milk.
    2. Pour the mixture into the pan, put on the fire and bring everything to a boil.
    3. In the process of boiling (it is possible after it) sugar and spices are added to the mixture, everything is well stirred.
    4. Then, black leaf tea is poured into boiling water and left for 15-30 minutes.
    5. After the drink, it is desirable to strain.
    6. Serve the tea must be certainly fresh, just brewed, otherwise the taste and aroma will be lost.

    But some items may vary. So, lovers of hard liquor after adding tea boil everything together for a few more minutes. And others boil water first, and then add spices, tea and sugar, and then milk.

    Now we offer recipes:

    • Option one involves the use of such ingredients: 4 tablespoons of black tea, 2 glasses of water, 1 glass of milk, 2 cloves, ½ teaspoon of grated ginger, 2 pieces of cardamom, 2 black peas, 1 star aniseens, a few rose petals, a pinch of nutmeg and sugar to taste.
    • Option two.The ingredients are as follows: 2 cups of water, 1 glass of milk, 5 tablespoons of honey, 5 tablespoons of black leaf tea, 4 cinnamon sticks, 10 cloves, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, ½ teaspoon of cardamom seeds.

    There are many more options, try different recipes, look for what you like.

    Helpful Tips

    Finally, some tips about cooking and drinking masala tea:

    • A drink must certainly be strong, only then its taste and aromatic properties will be revealed. Weak tea will be like a mixture of milk and water with spices. But remember that strong tea is undesirable to use at night, it can cause problems with falling asleep and sleep. Better enjoy your drink in the morning.
    • Do not mix mindlessly all the spices available in the house. Some complement each other, but there are those that are absolutely incompatible and can spoil the entire drink. Use proven combinations.
    • Milk also directly affects the taste and quality of the drink. Its fat content is important. Skimmed milk in the drink will hardly be felt, so it is better to use fatty and whole. The minimum percentage of fat content is 2.5%.
    • In order for the spices to reveal their taste and be more clearly felt in the tea, they can be crushed beforehand. You can also warm them in the pan (without oil), and then grind.

    Enjoy the unique masala tea. Let this fragrant and tasty drink give you health and beauty.

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