• Men's postcard shirt

    Choosing gifts for men is always a difficult task, so you need to think through mainly for each individual. Here, for example, is already quite close to such a rather solemn and serious men's holiday, like February 23, or else we are well known as Defender of the Fatherland Day. There is already a task before every woman with the selection of gifts, especially if you need to congratulate a few men, so it’s all bad luck. Well, what men's gifts are very popular? Ties, shirts, collectibles, watches, some rare things and objects that a particular man is interested in. Basically, such gifts are given to well-known men, and now if this is some kind of workmate, distant relative, or not very close friend, then somehow it’s already difficult to make a choice. Then it turns out gifts in the form of money in beautiful envelopes. Well, so that you donate, whatever gift you choose, you just can’t do without a greeting card. It is in her that the memory of this day and of your gift left remains.And in order to further surprise a person, you can give him a product that you can do with your own hands and also receive pleasure from the process of its manufacture. Now let's consider a master class for creating a men's card in the form of a shirt and tie, which corresponds to the male style and looks quite personable and original. It will help us in the manufacture of such cards scrapbooking technique. For this master class we take: • Dark brown cardboard; • Paper for scrapbooking 20 * 20 cm several different colors; • Pictures round with watch; • Cutting gears of brown color;• Bronze pendant anchor; • Watercolor paper; • Printed lettering “Happy Holidays"; • Brown half-beads; • Curbing hole punch with lace; • Ruler, scissors, double-sided tape , pencil, glue gun; • PVA glue; • Ink pad for tinting.
     for this masterclass we take
    First we cut a rectangle out of cardboard 15 * 22 cmexpand it and divide exactly in half by 11 cm and draw an invisible bending line with scissors.
     cut a rectangle from cardboard
     cut a rectangle out of cardboard
    We fold and set aside for now. We take scrapbooking paper with contrasting colors, such as a brown-gray strip for a shirt and a red-white flower for a tie.
    We measure two rectangles for a shirt 10.5 * 14.5 cm, one on the back of the postcard, and the second we take and divide exactly in half and back down 3 cm down. We make an incision in the center with scissors and fold the collar like in the photo.
     two rectangles for a shirt
    two rectangles for a shirt From another paper, cut out such a paper tie. From the brown cardboard and the third scrapbook we cut out small rectangles for the pockets.We glue a rectangle on the front of the warp; we glue the clock, tie and pockets on the shirt to it.
     paper tie
    paper tie
    From watercolor paper we cut out 11.5 * 14.5 basis for the inside of the postcard, on the bottom right we glue on the watch.
    cut out basis
     we cut the base
    The text is tinted at the edges with a pad and glued to the bottom. We are fixing glued elements with a machine.
     Stitch the machine
     Stitch with a typewriter
    Now we glue to the base, and inside we make a hole punch openwork strip.
    hole punch openwork stripes
     hole punch openwork stripes
    Sew together with the base scrapbooking paper on both sides of the postcard.

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