• Mick Jagger called his son a Russian name

    The legendary rocker named the boy after his father.

    Mick Jagger is a very good father. At 73, he became a father for the eighth time (!). The mother of his youngest son, who was born in early December, is the model Melanie Hamrick. She is 29 years old, and she could well be Sir Jagger's granddaughter.

    By the way, the legendary rocker flew from London to New York specifically to be with Melanie at the time of the birth of a child. As reported by Western media, Mick said that he simply had to be close to his chosen one at that moment.

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    “Parents are very happy. Mother and child are doing well, ”said a spokesman for Mick Jagger.

    Since then, neither Jagger himself, nor his girlfriend have told anything more about the baby. But Mika's daughter, Elizabeth, revealed the secret of the child's name. As it turned out, he was given a beautiful complex name: Devero Octavian Vasily. That is, in the original sound, it is, of course, Basil. But the essence does not change.

    Dec 16 2016 at 8:43 PST

    “I'm so proud that I have such a beautiful little brother,” Lizzy wrote on her Instagram page. And published a photo of the hero of the occasion - a cute fat toddler.

    The record was immediately read by more than 50 thousand Lizzy's subscribers. “He’s beautiful,” followers Jagger’s followers write. And congratulate Elizabeth herself with another relative. Now she has seven of them - besides herself, from the previous five marriages, Mick Jagger has six more children. The oldest of them is 46 years old, the youngest is not yet two weeks old.

    By the way, Vasily is the first name of the late father of Sir Jagger. Friends, however, called him Joe. It turns out that Mick called his son in memory of his father - he died in 2006.

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    Once again, we congratulate Sir Mick Jagger. And we wish him more health - who knows. Suddenly, he will surprise everyone more than once.

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