• Microdermabrasion - will save you from problems

    What kind of skin care services modern cosmetology salons do not offer, still, because experts in this area are working hard, so that lovely ladies can, as long as possible, keep their youth and beauty.

    Human skin is a special organ that sometimes even more than everyone else can get sick, be exposed to external influences, and also respond with unpleasant symptoms to the internal problems of the body.

    In the fight against wrinkles all means fit

    Because of this, over the years, we increasingly notice the occurrence of obscure spots, facial wrinkles, acne or postoperative scars. Unpleasant temporary changes can be many, and all this adds up a whole picture of a woman's appearance.

    An unusual microdermabrasion procedure is really an important novelty in the world of cosmetology services, for good reason, it does not have to be imposed and constantly advertised, because the effect from application speaks for itself.

    At the moment, few people are familiar with the fact that such a microdermabrasion of the face or other parts of the body, but those girls who have already tried this course of treatment on themselves have been satisfied in most cases!

    Over time, the human skin becomes covered with a light horny layer, which often consists of dead and damaged cells. Under the action of a special apparatus, during this procedure it is possible to get rid of it, which literally after the first session provides a fairly obvious and strikingly rejuvenating effect. The skin becomes fresh, the pleasant color is restored, and facial wrinkles decrease, the pigment spots become discolored.

    Microdermabrasion procedures are often prescribed by dermatologists to their patients, because with its help you can get rid of such serious visual defects of the skin, such as scars of various origins, large birthmarks, pigment spots, scars and unpleasant stretching of the skin, which, as you know, are extremely difficult to get rid of.

    The meaning of the procedure is based on the healing functions of human skin: when it appears damaged, it uses collagen, which actively contributes to the process, to avoid infection and blood loss.The idea of ​​the whole procedure is identical: on the site of scars or scars, small lesions are created that stimulate skin renewal, with the result that a new and smooth skin layer is formed on the site of the former scars.

    How is the procedure performed?

    Most often, the procedure in question is carried out in conditions of the cabin, there, under the supervision of a specialist and the use of professional equipment to do it easier and more efficient. As a professional equipment, there is a special machine, which has a small working head with a coating.

    Depending on the materials used for spraying, there are several types of microdermabrasion, for example, diamond or aluminum crystals, depending on the use of which, the price and reviews vary from the procedure.

    Naturally, in these two types of therapy there are significant differences: the diamond procedure provides a softer performance, it is more often used for sensitive areas or for skin with hypersensitivity.

    Microdermabrasion on the basis of aluminum microcrystals removes the upper keratinous layer of skin, sucking all the peeled particles into the tip, which is not the case with the diamond method.

    The process itself may resemble mechanical pilling, it is also called face polishing, but among the existing methods, it is considered the most delicate and soft, which not only allows getting rid of the stratum corneum, but also contributes to its regeneration.

    By itself, the procedure is absolutely safe and painless, having spent 40-45 minutes in a comfortable chair, you can immediately feel its positive effect.

    Do the procedure with a good specialist.

    Literally right after the treatment, you will be able to return to the usual pace of life, because it will not require a rehabilitation period.

    The only thing to be afraid of is direct sunlight, so during the period until the top polished layer is restored, and it usually takes 10-12 days, you have to protect the strong sun.

    That is why it is best to postpone such a course for the winter or autumn time, when the solar activity decreases. Also at this time will have to abandon trips to the solarium, if you are fond of those, and from the use of alcohol lotions.

    If you can not hide from the strong sun, then do not forget to use sunscreen.As we have said, in order to achieve an optimal and sufficiently long effect from microdermabrasion, it will be necessary to conduct several sessions - 3-4 procedures at a minimum.

    Usually, during this time, it is possible to get rid of small facial wrinkles, small scars, age spots, and to improve the complexion. Longer courses of microdermabrasion can get rid of serious scars, scars, which were formed from severe injuries and operations. In such cases, 6 to 20 treatment sessions may be necessary.

    Microdermabrasion at home

    As we have said, the procedure in question is a great way to care for the skin of the face, but with all this, it is quite expensive. It is efficient and convenient to conduct it in the salon, but it is unprofitable to afford a long enough treatment course that prompted many cosmetic companies to develop complexes that allow microdermabrasion at home.

    Of course, the effect will turn out to be somewhat reduced, but if you periodically conduct such treatment complexes, then a positive result will not take long to wait. If you are over 25 years oldand you are actively struggling with the first signs of skin wilting, then with the help of such a procedure you can not only stop this process for a long time, but also lose a few years easily.

    Special device

    For those who constantly struggle with problem skin, microdermabrasion procedures will also be very useful: the number of acne, hardened cells, acne scars and so on decreases.

    In order to carry out such a procedure yourself, you must purchase one of the microdermabrasion kits. Then it is important to determine the type of your skin; this can be done with the help of a large number of online tests that are stored on cosmetic sites.

    Naturally, before embarking on therapy, it is better to first consult with a specialist whom you periodically go to, and may have already performed such a procedure in salon conditions. Special kits for microdermabrasion can be found in online catalogs or in specialized perfumery stores.

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