• Minecraft: how to make a golden apple?

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    Minecraft: how to make a golden apple?

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    Minecraft: how to make a golden apple?

    The world of Minecraft will surprise anyone, because there are a lot of unusual things in it. Each of them can help in a difficult situation. In this article we will talk about how to make a golden apple in Minecraft and where you can use it.

    Kraft Golden Apple

    To craft a golden apple, you will need resources. In this case, they are quite easy to get, moreover, they are in the arsenal of each player. So, you need the following ingredients:

    • 8 gold bars (they are smelted from gold ore, which must be mined in a mine or found in treasuries);
    • 1 apple (can be bought from the villagers, found in the foliage of trees, treasuries).

    As soon as you extract the ingredients, you need to arrange them so that an apple appears in the central cell, and the eight others are filled with gold. In a few seconds you will have the cherished golden apple in your hands.Learn more about crafting things in this entertaining game from our article How to do things in Minecraft.

    Why do you need a golden apple in Minecraft?

    Some players may find it wasteful spending so much gold, but it�s worth it, because a golden apple can be used as a restorer of vitality. If a player eats him, his health will recover completely in just 4 seconds. In addition, a golden apple can turn a zombie resident into an ordinary resident. Of course, for such an act you will not accrue bonuses, but still you save the world from a monster.

    Did you know that thanks to an ordinary apple you can tame animals? To tame a horse will help you our article How to tame a horse in Minecraft.

    If you do not want to spend gold ...

    When there is no desire to spend a lot of precious metal on craft of a golden apple, you can try to find this saving fruit in treasuries and fortresses. The probability of finding him there is negligible, but if you have free time, then you can and try. At the same time it will be possible to get various values.

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