• Mini-garden right on the window: more than space saving

    Many housewives reject the idea of ​​mini-beds in the apartment due to the fact that pots with greens give too little harvest, but take up too much precious space. And this argument is exhaustive and understandable, especially when it comes to small kitchens, already "stuffed" with furniture. Nevertheless, a small garden bed with fresh greenery wants to have every hostess on hand: he plucked a couple of basil sprigs, mint and cilantro and decorated them with a ready-made dish. In this case, the brilliant idea of ​​the Dutch designers Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders comes to the rescue. They developed so-called pots on suckers, which outwardly differ from standard pots and pots:

    The pot itself has only half of the convex side, the second part is flat on the suction cups, which allows you to place such a pot of greens right on the window! The window sill remains free, and the window is decorated with fresh greens.

    In such containers, fragrant herbs have already been planted, it remains only to acquire what you want and attach the pots to the windows.

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