• Hare in Love Mobile Phone Case

    In the coming age of high technology, it is difficult to imagine your life without a mobile phone. We do not part with them sometimes for days. The acquisition of the original cover for the phone is becoming an increasingly popular trend. But you can not spend money on an expensive purchase and make a unique cover from improvised materials.
     Mobile Phone Case
    For crafts" Mobile Case we will need: three coils of woolen threads of different colors (gray, white, blue), a crochet hook, a small piece of fabric for the lining, a colored material (for the nose of the "Hare"), cotton wool, two paper clips, black New nail polish (or another glossy black paint), a heart-shaped button and two hemispheric black buttons. For the manufacture of the main element of crafts,that is, the body of the case will require basic knowledge of crochet techniques. The body of the case.For the bottom of the case, we use thick gray wool and a crochet hook. We knit a chain of 10 air loops, then 5 rows according to the scheme: 9 without crochet, lift loop and turn. Then we tie a bottom rectangle around the edges to the required height with loops without crochet (height depends on the phone height), add blue stripes to the color scheme. Sew the lining with the knitted part of the cover and add a gray-blue ribbon (rolled up from gray and blue threads). Ribbon is necessary for tying the cover.
    Case for mobile phone
     Mobile phone case
    Mobile Phone Case« Hare in Love »
    Ears "For yatsa ".To create the ears, we use white and gray wool threads, hook and cotton. According to the principle of knitting the bottom of the cover, we knit two rectangles of gray (larger) and two white.Gray and white rectangles are tied together and, if necessary, we add wool for the volume of the ears.
     Mobile Phone Case
     Mobile Phone Case

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