• Mobile Table from Normal

    You have a pretty good kitchen furniture, which usually stands in a corner - no one interferes. When guests come, or it's time to eat the whole family, you start moving it to a convenient place. An even more exotic problem: in order to decompose a sofa, it must be pushed to the middle of the room, and often it must be done by one, and often by a woman. And this is repeated at least once a day - a typical problem of the most massive, small apartments. To facilitate the task of moving furniture and other devices, I propose a small modernization. We mount wheels on two supports. Why two and not all? For stability when using. Relying, sitting on the furniture with four wheels, we will move it, on two it will remain in place, and it is much more convenient to move it. In addition to convenience, the "skating" of furniture keeps carpets and flooring from abrasion. The table, especially sliding, from destruction: taking the cover, and not the table frame, the cover with a sharp rise can be torn off.It was these considerations that pushed for the modernization of the table. We will write out the main points in stages. 1. First we have a table.
    It is necessary to pick a pair of identical wheels, they are best suited from the chair, they are easy to buy at a flea market or a specialized store. 2. Turn over the table. We measure the height of the wheel to the mounting shelf.
     Measure the height of the wheel
    Cut off the legs of the table from one side to the measured height, + 3mm. measured height
    3. We measure the width and length of the support at the cut-off point.
     support length
    4. We make from 2-3 mm steel bracket, fully covering the leg, sufficient for mounting the wheel.
     fixing the wheel
    In it we drill the holes for fastening to the foot, the diameter is not more than 4 mm, and the mounting holes for the wheel. 5. The leg of the table is a fairly strong tree. However, it is not worth risking and splitting the tree when tightening the screws. Attach the bracket with the fixed wheel to the seat, mark the centers of the mounting holes.Measure enough length, if necessary, cut the screws.
     cut the screws
    Drill a 3/4-screw screw hole to the screw length by marking the length of the screw.
    screw length
    6. We process the cutting places with a file, remove the burrs on the tree, round the edges to fit the bracket. com / images / 3/911-skruglyaem-kraya.jpg "alt =" round edges "title =" round edges "> 7. Once again, we check the density of the attachment of the bracket assembly, if everything is fine, we proceed to the treatment of the cut point with any varnish or paint. Attention! Do not allow varnish or paint to flow below the cut surface. 8. Finally fix the wheel nut, check for reliability.  fix the wheel with a nut  counter-ass for reliability 9. We fasten all the brackets to the prepared legs, carry out "running tests".  prepared legs When operating the upgraded furniture, a significant drawback will be revealed - the traumatic danger of the metal arm, its sharp corners. You can solve the problem by giving rounded shapes to the projecting parts. It is easy to make a grinder, if not - to work with a file. The problem is solved Not until the end, the protruding part of the metal remains dangerous.It is better to put a plastic profile on a rectangular bracket, cutting it out of a child's toy, bend it on a plastic sheet blank with an industrial dryer.

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