• Modern interior - refined luxury

    Modern - the "kingdom" of smooth lines, stained glass and natural materials. Although for some time the refined direction was undeservedly forgotten, today the interest in it “beats all records”. Art Nouveau is recreated in luxurious mansions and model apartments. Some of its details are present in eclecticism and art deco. The elegance inherent in this style, appreciated, a little "languid" and piercingly luxurious modern - an expression of good taste and wealth indicator.

    Modern - aristocratic classic

    Do you like restraint, refinement and elegance? Your choice is modern. This is a very aristocratic style, it can be recreated in a small cottage, a luxurious mansion, a typical apartment. The only nuance that should be taken into account is that the direction requires sufficiently large spaces. Otherwise, it is necessary to use only individual elements of the refined modern.

    Modernity is characterized by a special "muted" color. It is white and beige, mustard and olive, light brown and smoky. If the style is recreated in fairly large rooms, then it is possible to use gold and silver colors. Bright accents - purple, dark blue, burgundy.

    Space design details

    Canonical modern - smooth curved lines. No strict geometry and sharp corners. This applies to the environment, and the main elements - window and doorways, and accessories. For lighting design, lamps are used, giving a soft subdued light. The plafonds of chandeliers, floor lamps and wall lamps are glass or stained glass. In the second case, the space “will play with new colors” and will become a little magical.

    The materials characteristic of the refined Art Nouveau must be exclusively natural. It is an array and glass, marble and ceramics. In this direction art forging is widely used. Openwork metal patterns can decorate the stair railing and the portal of the fireplace, forged can be lattices and decor on the front door.

    Another detail characteristic of modern is stained glass. They can decorate doors and windows, a mosaic of colored glass will be a magnificent decor for a transparent roof and winter garden. Stained glass can be ceiling lamps and even frames for mirrors.

    Modern is floral patterns that can be present in decorative elements, textiles, finishes, and accessories. Many designers combine images of children of Flora, birds and insects, which gives the interior a pastoral refinement. The sophistication of the interior in the Art Nouveau style emphasizes handmade decor items - vases, figurines, etc.

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