• Moscow City Hall plans to evict "House-2"

    The long-liver of the TNT channel, the reality show “Dom-2”, which has been on the air for over 14 years, seems to be again under the threat of closure.
    Moscow Mayor's Office plans to evict House-2
    Photo: TNT Channel
    Photo: TNT Channel
    Photo: TNT Channel
    Photo: TNT Channel

    This time, the reason is this: the construction of a highway from Salaryevo to the village of Marino. Moscow authorities are planning to make a road right through the “clearing” on which households build love.

    It is known that instead of the “frontal place”, where the project participants discuss all the news every evening, there should appear a stop of the high-speed tram called “Antonovka”. The decision to build on this plot of land was made by the Moscow Urban Planning and Land Commission, which is chaired by Sergey Sobyanin.

    It turns out that the officials did not know that the project was being filmed at this place. Recall that over the past few years, the main film set of the show has been adjacent to the cottage village of Letov Grove in New Moscow.Back in 2014, businessman Alexander Karmanov, one of the largest suppliers of pipes for the Transneft state-owned company, became the owner of a site of almost 3 hectares. At the same time, in the appendage to the territory, he received the rights to release the show.

    It is still unknown whether a new location for filming “House-2” will be found. The management of the TNT channel on this score is still silent.

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