• Most Popular Selfies 2016

    Still, we live in an amazing time. The time when the results of the year get ... selfie! The Google search engine has compiled a list of the most popular "bash" fans, which users do not get tired of searching on the web. Queen of the Self, Kim Kardashian, headed the rating, of course (after the incident in Paris, she left the social network - temporarily or not, it is still unknown, so each of her old self - including those that were included in the photo album she released this year - now worth its weight in gold). Also in the top ten are Sharon Osborne (because of the “naked” picture in support of Kim), Donald Trump (for obvious reasons), the merrymakers and inventors Justin Timberlake, Jared Leto, James Franco and Katy Perry, who seems to have a fantasy for new Selfies will never run out.

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