• Mushroom hodgepodge for the winter

    Photo: Elena Moskalenko
    Fresh Chanterelles600 gramsCarrot1 pieceBulb onions2 pieces)Fresh tomatoes2 pieces)Garlic4 teethCarnation3-4 pieces (s)Allspice3-4 peasGround paprika2 tbsp.Sugar2 tbsp.Vinegar 9%50 millilitersSunflower oil50 millilitersVegetable oil (no smell for frying)
    • Servings:

    If you hide a "quiet" hunt in a jar, then be sure to hodgepodge. The output at the output is universal: it can also fill up with a nimble winter supets, and just a bit of “Borodino” - like a noble home-made snack.


    Chanterelles to sort out the forest trash and rinse well. Large chanterelles chopped, leave small whole.

    Cut carrots into strips, cut onions into half rings, chop garlic with a knife. Fry vegetables in vegetable oil for 2–3 minutes.

    Add chanterelles to vegetables, pour in 100–120 ml of pure water and stew mushrooms until half cooked.

    Cut fresh tomatoes in half, grate the tomato pulp, remove the skins, and rub the pulp through a sieve - remove the seeds.

    Add chanterelles with vegetables into a pan with a thick bottom, add tomato puree, salt, season with sugar, spices and simmer until fully cooked, finally add vinegar and fragrant sunflower oil, bring to a boil.

    Spread hot mushroom soup on sterilized jars, roll up turnkey and wrap upside down under a warm blanket. Keep in the cold.

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