• Nervous exhaustion

    Svetlana Rumyantseva

    What is nervous exhaustion? itmental illness due to mental strain. Nervous exhaustion is one of the most common mental disorders of our time: according to statistics, the basis of the at-risk group is the working-age population from 20 to 45 years old and for the most part women. Disorder is also called neurasthenia orchronic fatigue syndrome, and doctors consider it a disease.

    The unpleasant features of the disease include itpoor diagnosis: the disease is masked as laziness, irritability, depression and somatic diseases. It is not always that nervous exhaustion clearly fits into the classic symptoms, and the treatment of nerve overstrain is delayed only when the disease takes on bright, no-doubt signs. We will understand what are the symptoms and treatment of depletion of the nervous system in women.

    Signs of nervous exhaustion

    Irritability.The most common symptom. Irritability arises unmotivated and without reason. A person is irritated by friends, family members, colleagues, passers-by and personal habits. Explicit symptoms of emotional exhaustion - short temper and nervousness. The patient instantly "explodes", loses control and an adequate response to sources of irritation. After an outbreak of aggression, the person feels sluggish and exhausted. 

    Headache.With nervous exhaustion, headaches of a squeezing nature occur. There is a feeling that tight leather belts surround the head. The main foci of pain are concentrated behind the eyeballs and in the temples.

    symptoms of nervous exhaustion

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    Low concentrationThere are problems with concentration, which negatively affects the work. A person loses the ability to concentrate on performing elementary tasks and is distracted. Thoughts are steep and constantly skip from one to another.

    Sleep disturbance.A person with this symptom is difficult to fall asleep. Before going to bed, the head is filled with negative thoughts, and nightmares have nightmares.Sleep becomes superficial and weak.

    Hypersensitivity.Sensory perception sharpens. Even soft sounds cut off hearing, and moderate light is perceived as too bright. The level of sentimentality is increasing, the regular melodrama causes tears. The person becomes touchy. 

    Anxiety and low self-esteem.Unreasonable anxieties and fears appear. Even the simplest things and phenomena frighten a person. There is an obsessive fear of sudden death or an incurable disease. The patient is looking for physical and intellectual defects, eventually losing self-confidence. 

    Fatigue and weakness.Symptoms of nervous exhaustion are characterized by the presence of constant fatigue, not passing even after a long rest. Waking up in the morning, the person already feels tired. Constant apathy, muscle weakness and fatigue, even after minor physical exertion.

    Reduced sexual desire.Reduced sexual desire. In men, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation occur, and in women, vaginal itching is possible.

    Psychosomatic disorders.There are irregular heartbeats, colic, skin rashes, joint pain, hypertension. Exacerbated chronic diseases. Allergies, problems with nails and hair are manifested, appetite decreases, the patient's weight drops sharply.

    to determine the symptoms and treatment of nerve strain, you can read articles or books on this topic

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    Online test of signs of nervous exhaustion, nervous breakdown and depression in women

    Two popular and reliable online tests should be noted: defining changes in behavior over a certain period of time (most often a month)scale to recognize depressionandBeck's test questionnaireto recognize the depressive state. The online test of signs of nervous exhaustion assesses overwork, mental exhaustion and energy exhaustion according to subjective indicators. If a woman feels bad and realizes that she is morally depleted, or, on the contrary, everyday workloads that cause deviations in physical health do not indicate psychological exhaustion - the test results will indicate the absence of depression or make a disappointing, but quite treatable diagnosis: nervous exhaustion.

    In the world of modern speeds and high information loads, any person should make it a rule to undergo similar tests from time to time: they will promptly indicate the symptoms of the developing disease and will not allow to bring nervous exhaustion to the chronic phase.

    Consequences of a nervous breakdown

    If the symptoms of the disease in time to detect and dope failed,consequences of nervous exhaustionnot long in coming. Problems with the work of the heart, the digestive system, high blood pressure, migraines are the price by which a workaholic or a person exposed to any personal problems pays for their inattention to their physical and psychological health.

    Unhealthy psychological background, weakness and fatigue with exhaustion of the nervous system become the cause of the emergence and exacerbation of phobias, anxiety and even suicidal attempts.

    A serious problem isdeterioration of social contacts: increased irritability of the patient leads to conflicts with his family, friends, and colleagues, which only aggravates the feeling of guilt and leads to an increase in psychological stress.In some cases, a breakdown leads, alas, to the traditional modernity of drug or alcohol addiction: a person tries to find relaxation and rest from the accumulated fatigue and from the severe, permanent discomfort of a life situation.

    Forms of nervous exhaustion 

    Doctors define three forms of the disorder. Let's talk about them in more detail.

    Hypersthenic form

    As a rule, the nervous exhaustion begins from this stage. Symptomatology is manifested in the form of adynamy, irritability, loss of strength, sleep disturbance. Even ordinary physiological phenomena are perceived inadequately. Patients avoid intensive lighting, harsh sounds and interaction with people. There are complaints of abdominal pain, shortness of breath, tinnitus. People with this form of depletion have a loss of concentration, as a result of which the volume of work performed and its quality decrease.


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    Irritable weakness

    At this stage, the exhaustion of the body increases, acute irritability manifests itself. Short periods of rapid manifestation of feelings are replaced by frank indifference and silent irritation.Manincreasingly difficult to perform their work duties. There is insomnia, light and minor sounds prevent sleep.

    Hypostenic form

    The hypostenic form is a consequence of a strong depletion of the central nervous system. Disorders of this stage are characterized by constant bad mood, his sudden drops, increased tearfulness and anxiety. Observedtotal apathy and lack of initiative. The general mental state resembles depression.

    Nervous exhaustion in children

    According to statistics, up to 30% of children of school age are subject to nervous exhaustion.

    The main causes of nervous exhaustion are:

    psychological trauma;
    excessive pressure from parents and teachers;
    weakening the body of disease;
    long separation from the family;
    change of residence and study;
    problems in the family and so on.

    The risk group includes children from whom they demand or who themselves strive to achieve high results in studies, sports, extra classes and all this at the same time. Children seeking approval of their actions from others are also prone to frustration.Symptoms of nervous exhaustion are the same as in adults (adjusted for age and children's physiology).

    What to do with the moral depletion of the child? First of all, do not think of yourself, a parent or relative, as a great healer, but turn to qualified specialists and child psychologists (if you are not yourself). Most likely, the current situation in the family will have to be reviewed and worked, like parents, on themselves - yes it is not easy, but onlychanging child's environmentable to give impetus to positive changes in his health.

    Causes of nervous exhaustion 

    The main cause of nervous exhaustion becomesan imbalance between vigorous activity and recreation. If a person spends more physical and mental energy than he receives from rest, the vital forces of the body run low. Emotional and physical overload, addiction, regular lack of sleep, stress, irregular nutrition and negative emotions, infections greatly deplete the nervous system.

    energy depletion

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    Ideally, a person needs alternation of mental and physical activity with relaxation and rest.Activity should be replaced by high-quality and varied recreation. If a person ignores these rules for a long time, the likelihood of developing nervous exhaustion increases.

    Treatment of nervous exhaustion 

    Nervous exhaustion - insidious and unpredictable frustration. Underestimation of this condition leads to serious health consequences. At the first manifestations of the symptoms of the disorder, it is necessary to understand the causes of the occurrence and address them - not everyone knows how to recover from nervous exhaustion, but with timely response, the result will be quick.

    So, how to treat depletion of the nervous system and women and men?

    Balance of rest and work

    Diligence is good and laudable, but work and other important tasks always exist, but health can be irretrievably lost.

    Also in a state of nervous exhaustionhuman performance decreases dramatically. Therefore, if you are a workaholic and are focused on the highest results, you just need to know what to do in case of nervous exhaustion and find a balance. Otherwise, you risk losing two important things: health and a high result of labor.

    What to do?

    Make a plan of work and rest. It is necessary to clearly realize that work must always alternate with rest breaks. During working hours you should take short breaks. For each hour of work, it is advisable to do 5 minutes break. During this time, the functions of the body are restored to the required tone, fatigue decreases and at the same time the working mood does not decrease.
    It is better to fill pauses in work with actions dissimilar to the usual work activities.
    If a person is engaged in physical labor, then the best option would be a quiet rest and passive relaxation. In the case of the prevalence of mental labor, rational movement, for example, walking or light gymnastics.

    Filling five-minute pause smoking or surfing the sites is not suitable. Rest should be different from the main activities and be useful.

    Lunch meal is optimally combined with a walk.
    To draw up a plan, use ordinary paper diaries, in which they make a to-do list with a day indicating the start and end times of a specific action. But it's more convenient to use special applications for mobile devices and personal computers,which will not only take into account and remind of the need to start or end cases, but also keep useful statistics on tasks and actions.
    The daily routine will allow you to cope with the chaos, which depletes your strength and will help you develop a good habit of taking breaks in work and going to bed on time.

    Normalization of sleep

    A person spends a third of his life on sleep, and this is no accident. Sleep is an important physiological process that provides recovery of the body and immunity. During sleep, the brain organizes the information received during the day and consolidates memory.

    What to do?

    In order for a dream to fulfill its function, on average it must last at least 8 hours. Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania conducted research. As a result of the study, it turned out that people who slept 4 and 6 hours a day for two weeks had significantly reduced the cognitive functions of the body, worsened the reaction, creative thinking and had memory lapses. In this case, the group who slept for 4 hours, the indices were not much lower than those of the group, who gave sleep for 6 hours.

    Scientists have made several conclusions. The first conclusion is that lack of sleep is inherent in accumulating. The second is that the sleepless participants do not notice a decline in their performance. The third -optimal sleep duration is 8 hours.

    what to do with moral depletion

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    Preparation for bedtime should begin from 21-00. At this time, the brain is preparing to fall asleep and produces the hormone melatonin (regulator of circadian rhythms). By this point you must finish all your business. It is necessary to stop telephone conversations, correspondence in social networks, viewing news, talk shows and movies. In other words, you needrefuse any sources of information and alarmthat do not allow the brain to calm down and get ready to relax.

    For those who find it difficult to give up a movie or a book for the night, it is important to remember that the content of these sources of emotions and information should not be negative. Films and books can be with a calm, positive plot and should not cause a storm of emotions, especially negative ones. Everyone has their own biorhythms, but studies prove that the psyche and the body rest best when a person goes to bed before 24-00.

    Physical exercises

    Common cause of nervous exhaustion -hypodynamiatherefore, physical activity is an important element in the treatment of exhaustion. But physical exertion must be dosed, because exhaustion is a tired body, and incorrectly chosen loads will worsen the situation.

    What to do?

    You can start with light physical exercises in the morning and with hiking or cycling in the open air in the evening. To relieve tension, water procedures are suitable: swimming, contrast shower, aroma. As you strengthen the body, go on to more intense stresses - how to heal fatigue will tell your own body, you just need to listen to it.

    food with nervous exhaustion should be healthy and balanced

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    We are what we eat. So if you want your mind and body to be healthy,need to eat right- rational and balanced nutrition in case of nervous exhaustion will become the basis for supporting health and effective recovery from past stress. 

    What to do?

    In order for the body to effectively withstand stress and other negative effects, you need to properly organize the mode and diet.

    Breakfast is required. Dietitians claim that breakfast is the most important meal for the body.

    Morning food intake activates protective functions in the body. It is breakfast that contributes to a gradual decrease in the volume of dinner and reduces to zero harmful snacks during the day.
    Avoid harmful snacking on the go and overeating.
    Another component of well-being and recuperation issufficient fluid intake. For good health, drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day. Coffee and tea, juices, sweet soda, alcoholic beverages are not included in this quantity. In addition, caffeinated beverages (tea, coffee, energy) and alcohol deplete the body's energy reserves. Treating exhaustion with energy, coffee and alcohol is like treating myopia by squinting. Consumption of these drinks is better to exclude.
    The main part of the diet should be foods that increase the adaptive properties of the body and contribute to its rapid recovery. Such products include nuts, fresh berries, vegetables and fruits, fatty fish, baked or steamed, wholemeal bread and dairy products, vegetable oils, cereals, honey, greens.
    Vitamins with nervous exhaustionand complex treatment of the disease help to neutralize the symptoms. In addition to the B vitamins necessary for the nervous system (thiamine, choline, niacin, B2b B6), regular intake of macro- and microelements, amino acids, vitamin E, and biotin is required.
    It is recommended to reduce the consumption of fatty, salty, sweet foods and exclude from the diet mushrooms, fried and smoked meat, sausages, legumes, canned goods.
    In addition, fill in pauses between meals with special broths and teas. At the same time, those whose activities require increased concentration of attention,should avoid drugs with sedation.

    what to do with nervous exhaustion

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    Treatment of nervous exhaustion with folk remedies

    At the first symptoms of the disease it is quite possibleself-restore the psychological balance of the body:

    Essential oils of orange, lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, sage, patchouli, seaside pine will remove excessive anxiety and tension.
    To improve the ecology of residential or office space will help some flowers, for example, geranium - its medicinal components will be useful for the organism as a whole and for the nervous system in particular.
    “What kind of weed to drink from nervous exhaustion?” - many non-lovers of medical treatment try to manage with natural remedies. In the fight against overwork will help infusions of carotene and vitamin C-rich hips,soothing chamomile nerves (and adding honey will save from insomnia), useful for depressing the central nervous system, decoction of calamus rhizomes, tincture of Rhodiola Rosea.

    Drug treatment of nervous system depletion

    For the prevention and treatment of nervous exhaustion, the use of pharmaceutical products is permissible. But at the same time it is important to remember that pharmaceutics is different and that a medic should advise medications for treating nervous exhaustion.

    do not guess what drugs to take for the treatment of nervous exhaustion, and consult a doctor

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    If vitamin complexes and natural preparations (valerian, chamomile, lemon balm) can be used more or less calmly, then other preparations are used only as directed and under the supervision of a doctor. In some cases, droppers will be effective for restoring a severe psycho-emotional state - with nervous exhaustion, this method is very effective.

    Your surroundings 

    Whatever you are unique, strong and independent, the environment still affects you. Revise your social circle, perhaps there are friends and acquaintances, those who are called energetic vampires, those who “tear nerves”.

    Perhaps the breakdown depends on those with whom you have to interact.

    Often, there is little benefit from these people and communication occurs as a result of habit or contrived commitment. If so, try to communicate less with such people.Choose the environment.


    In conclusion, we say that nervous exhaustion is an unpleasant and widespread disease, it is diverse in its symptoms, it is not always and not immediately detected, and it can be safely called the “disease of the century”. However, this disease masking under laziness and apathy is important to be diagnosed in time for timely, and in case of comorbidities or injuries and urgent treatment.

    With a timely, correct approach, nervous exhaustion is easily curable in the following ways, but if you think that the disease has acquired a serious form and cannot cope on its own, thenconsult a doctor immediately.

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