• New Year card Sock (quilling)

    Simple to make and very cuteNew Year card Sock using quilling technique, which will be an excellent gift. The master class is great for beginners working in the technique of quilling and for joint work with children.

    Materials and tools:

    1. paper strips for quilling 5 mm red, yellow, green;
    2. An asterisk
    3. quilling pattern ruler;
    4. cardboard sheet for the base of the postcard;
    5. scissors;
    6. tweezers;
    7. glue.

    Step 1

    Cut a lot of strips of length 5 cm from red paper. Using a ruler-template we turn off the strips of curls with a diameter of 8 mm.

    Fold a sheet of cardboard in half. We outline on it a pencil sock. Glue the red curls around the sock.

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