• Not anymore model: Alessandra Ambrosio became skinny-fat

    The star is resting on the beach in Malibu and seems to have allowed herself to eat sweets and not go in for sports.

    Now absolutely everyone is trying to follow his figure, so that he can boast of press cubes and perfect buttocks, pictures in a Instagram swimsuit. But Alessandra Ambrosio is clearly not one of them. The 37-year-old model abandoned herself after parting with her civil husband and father of their two children, Jamie Mazur. After a couple of months, she gained weight and began to look less attractive than before.

    The other day the star caught the paparazzi on the beach in Malibu. The star was wearing a black separate swimsuit, which emphasized the imperfect figure of Alessandra, which she is not going to improve.

    After she recovered, Ambrosio's body ceased to be elastic and taut. Now it can definitely be called skinny fat, because the model has a slightly sagging tummy and fat on the sides. But, apparently, the new boyfriend Alessandra, designer and founder of the Italian clothing brand Alanui Nicolò Oddi, does not care at all.That is why the model happily misses her tough workouts and has ceased to follow the diet.

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