• Often I hear from a friend that she sees a dismemberment in a dream, how she kills, or her, and a lot more tin, read the description

    In general, I met a girl, I am 16, she, too, came to my city from another city recently, started to communicate, I liked, everything is so quiet, calm, non-conflicting, for 3 weeks we already talk, and often I hear from her what she dreams, Mostly it’s some kind of horror, then murder, now dismemberment, then something even more cruel that I won’t even come to mind, she tells it so calmly, as if she doesn’t see anything in it, but do you have all my questions It was said in the family that yes, everything is fine, but I have a premonition that something here is not pure, not everything that she says fits the description of her appearance and character, is small, kind, calm, and tells such things as if she were ticklish in a past life, and in her words I feel either that she is pleased, or she is just exactly on all this.And it’s not for me, as it seems to me, it seems there’s nothing to say, nothing happens, and yet, well, I don’t dream just like that, well, it doesn’t happen, I'm just a normal normal guy, and I can't even imagine those things she describes all dreams in colors, and says everything is fine, except that she is absolutely normal, I didn’t notice anything more, but I don’t know how to judge all this, I myself am a healthy guy, I’m much bigger and bigger than her Yes, and I'm not weak, but going with her, I do not even know how to say, I have such that I am a victim, and she is a maniac, what a premonition about the country, even when I embrace her, feeling that she was a knife in my back insert, you can laugh at me, but it is so.

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