• Omelet with broccoli and chive

    Photo: Elena Moskalenko
    Chicken eggs4 pieces)Broccoli300 gramsChives20 gramsUnsalted butter20 gramsGround paprika1 pinchDry garlic1 pinch
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    For breakfast - a great solution from Woman's Day. Omelet with broccoli and chives is the right decision for those who want to cheerfully and sately hold out before lunch.


    Divide broccoli into small inflorescences, pour with hot water, bring to a boil and blend for 5–7 minutes until soft, then salt.

    Boiled broccoli shock put in ice water so that it does not lose the richness of color. If you plan to cook broccoli for breakfast, this can be done in the evening and put the prepared chilled broccoli in the fridge.

    Chop chives. Beat eggs with a fork, salt and mix with green onions.

    Melt the butter in a pan, season with ground paprika and garlic - mix. Watch the temperature: the oil should melt, not burn!

    Pour the eggs, whipped with green onions, into the pan and immediately begin to vigorously mix with a wooden spatula in a clockwise direction.Time - 2-3 minutes, no more, otherwise the omelet will lose juiciness.

    Add broccoli to the omelette, warm it and, if necessary, line it up with salt.

    Serve broccoli and chive omelette immediately with fresh herbs and any vegetables.

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