• Orange Slices Jam with Cardamom

    Photo: Elena Moskalenko
    Orange700 gramsSugar500 gramsLemon juice20 millilitersCardamom4–5 boxes250 milliliters
    • Servings:

    Authors jam - especially for Wday.ru. The orange peel in this jam is boiled down and looks like marmalade. Mega original jam. Orange lovers - be sure to cook!


    Wash the oranges with a sponge and means for washing vegetables and fruits, carefully remove the wax coating.

    Separate each orange, remove the bones, and cut the citrus halves into thin slices.

    Boxes of cardamom gut, pick the seeds. Pour the entire amount of sugar into a saucepan, pour in water, lemon juice and add cardamom - make a spicy syrup.

    When the sugar crystals completely dissolve, and the syrup thickens, send orange slices to the saucepan.

    Orange jam slices with cardamom bring to a boil, let simmer on moderate heat for 10–12 minutes, then remove from heat and cool completely.Repeat boiling in two steps, each time completely cooling the jam.

    Ready jam of orange slices with cardamom spread in sterile jars, if necessary roll up turnkey. Before serving, store in cold.

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