• Original and stylish black manicure

    Black color, perhaps, never goes out of fashion, it allows you to create the most stylish images. And this shade can be present not only in clothes, but also in manicure.

    The advantages and disadvantages of manicure in black

    Black varnish has both advantages and disadvantages:

    • Black can be combined with a variety of colors, in this sense it is considered universal.
    • This is a bright and stylish manicure, if it is done correctly.
    • This tone can be used as a background, and to create bright accents of manicure.
    • Many different variations for creating the most daring and relevant images.

    There are also disadvantages:

    • This manicure is not for everyone, and it is worth considering.
    • Black lacquer is appropriate not always and not everywhere, in some cases it may look inappropriate or even vulgar.
    • This color can highlight the shortcomings, so your nails should be perfect.
    • Any defects in manicure (for example, flaky edges of the nail plates) will immediately catch the eye and make the coating extremely sloppy.

    Who and in what cases should do such a manicure?

    So, who better to abandon the manicure in black? You should not apply such varnish on short nails, they will look ridiculous and even more shortened. Refuse this option in the event that you have an irregular shape of the nail plates, as this will immediately be evident. In addition, you should not use black lacquer and if you have pale skin, such a contrast will make it almost white, and this is not very beautiful.

    Who will go such a manicure? Owners of beautiful and fairly long nails of the correct form. As for age, black should be chosen by young girls, as it attracts views and thus draws attention to the skin imperfections of mature women, such as wrinkles, flabbiness, and so on.

    Black varnish is not always appropriate. It will be a great end to an evening or cocktail look, but will not fit into a business or office style, as it looks overly bright. The casual version should be more relaxed, that is, black lacquer in this case it is better to dilute with other tones.

    Proper preparation is the key to success.

    To black manicure looked stylish, you should thoroughly prepare for its creation.

    Basic rules of preparation:

    1. First of all, get a quality lacquer so that the coating is neat and perfectly smooth. Do not save if you do not want to look ridiculous!
    2. Next, prepare the nails. If necessary, trim them to give the desired shape. Best of all, black lacquer looks on rounded nails or square, but with softened and rounded corners. Sharp or square plates should not be. As for the length, the minimum is 2-3 millimeters, so you should not completely cut off the edges. Next, you need to move the cuticle and skin rollers, located on the sides (may require partial removal). Burrs also cut. And finally, take the buff and sand the surface of the plates so that it is even.
    3. Next, prepare everything you need: lacquer, base and topcoats, decorative elements, as well as a UV lamp (if you use gel varnish).

    Interesting options

    How to make a manicure in black? There are many different options for every taste.

    Interesting ideas:

    • French Black "smiles" look more unusual and bright than the classic white ones. But also this color can be taken as a basis.
    • Moon manicure.Make the black holes or make it a background.
    • Manicure "tights" or "veil" is a kind of black lace on a transparent or beige background.
    • Khokhloma looks interesting and stylish.
    • Stripes on a black background.
    • Manicure with foil.
    • Matte black is especially relevant over the past few seasons.
    • Complete black with sparkles or rhinestones.

    Successful combinations

    Although black is universal, it is best combined with the following colors:

    • Black with red is a stylish and passionate combination.
    • Golden make a manicure elegant and luxurious.
    • Pink will add the missing romanticism.
    • The white-black gamma is a universal classic.
    • Beige will pacify the main color, making the manicure more restrained and gentle.
    • Blue will add a bit of mystery.

    In the photo you can see interesting tandems and evaluate them visually.

    Features of the procedure

    To perfect manicure, you should act in stages:

    1. If the nails are fully prepared, first degrease them with nail polish remover.
    2. Next, apply a base coat, wait for it to dry.
    3. Apply the base black lacquer in one coat, wait until it dries. Apply a second coat.If nail plates appear through, a third layer is required.
    4. Then go to the final stage - the application of the topcoat. And do not forget to wait for its complete drying!

    Helpful Tips

    Finally, some useful tips that will help make a fashionable manicure and look irresistible:

    • If you want to extend the life of the coating and avoid embarrassments in the form of peeling varnish, then cover the nails with gel, it is more resistant and better holds.
    • If you have done a black manicure, then always carry a bottle of lacquer of this color. So you can quickly eliminate the flaws and adjust the coating if it is partially erased or deteriorated.
    • Ideally smooth surface did not work, but there is no time to change the manicure? Do not worry, just cover your nails with a transparent lacquer with a mother-of-pearl effect or with sparkles, so you can disguise the defects.
    • Do not apply varnish with a thick layer to speed up the procedure. So it does not dry completely, and the manicure will be of poor quality.
    • Study the examples to find the right one.

    It remains only to take into account everything written above, and make a bold and stylish manicure in black.

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