• Original embroidery on clothes: collars, bags, pendants

    Embroidery on fabrics is a great way to decorate clothes with colored threads and to update the usual details of the wardrobe. Embroidery on clothes can update almost any thing and make it incredibly attractive and interesting. So today we want to tell you about how to decorate collars, bags and much more with the help of beautiful embroidery.

    Accessories (brooches, cufflinks, pendants)

    Embroidery on brooches is a snap - make the pattern you want on sackcloth or linen and pull the fabric over the brooch.

    Bright and colorful cufflinks will be an attractive detail on the shirt, from which passers-by can not take their eyes off.

    Cute pendant, able to cheer up even on the most gloomy day.


    Collars have long been a fashion accessory, no less popular than necklaces or beads.

    Do not these collars look so unbelievable!

    Bags and Wallets

    Ever wanted to have the most unique and fashionable wallet? So why not make it yourself?

    The bow tie

    Recently, bow ties have become an increasingly popular everyday accessory for most women. And for conservatives - a great way to diversify your wardrobe.

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