How to warm up

How to warm up? Severe frosts, strong cold sometimes lead to the fact that a person ceases to feel their limbs. What can I say, because already at minus 20, the soul and body strongly protest. The fingers, toes, nose starts to tingle. And.

What is plague

What is plague? Ksenia Gaynulina February 5, 2015 Chum is a traditional, folding and portable dwelling of conical shaped nomadic herders constructed of long poles, covered from above with bark, bark, or animal skins. Currently it can be constructed from felt, canvas, tarpaulin and.

Why dogs howl

Why do dogs howl? Lyudmila Kolyagina February 7, 2013 Our animals are often heralds of any events. This was noticed by our ancestors. Of course, you should not take the habits of animals or, for example, barking, at face value. But nevertheless, why dogs.


Seal Socks By the New Year, in order to please my daughter she tied her socks so warm. I chose a special nursery for the yarn so that it wouldn’t be pricked, it was warm and not thick, so that the sock would easily.

What to eat

What to eat? Kristina Mamaeva November 4, 2014 Watch the video What to eat? Talk about a healthy lifestyle in recent times is very relevant, especially with regard to a balanced and healthy diet. Therefore, below we will talk about what is useful to.

Coffee Candle

Coffee Candle For work we will need: candles, coffee grains, cinnamon, ground, sunflower oil, ice, old dipper, toothpick, supermoment glue gel, tape, cap, container for pouring and melting candles. 1. We choose a container that will later serve as a form for curling wax.

Online Games

Online Games It has long been no longer played in various computer online games and now I want to remember the youth so to speak. I would like to play on the similarity of the Line, but only with modern graphics and interesting boevka.

Bottle Vase

Vase from the bottle Good day lovers of hand-made things! Surely you have an empty bottle of champagne at home? I am sure that, yes, so let's make an excellent vase made of this unnecessary thing. Tomakeavase-bottleweneed: Anemptychampagnebottle,gluepva,gluebrush,paintinbologna(black),friable... 1.Takeanemptychampagnebottleandwashitwell.Toremovethelabelonthebottle,... Nbsp; 2.Takepvaglueandwater,andmixinequalquantities.Takeaclothandsoakitinami... 3.Wetakethebottleandthefabric,thefabricisbeautifullylaidonthebottle,sm... 4.Takeadiskandcutitintosmallpieces.Ifthepiecesareuneven,thenitwillbebe... 5.Wetakeglitter,gluepva,andabottle.Wefoldthefoldsonthebottlewithpvaglu....

What is power

What is power? There are 2 answers Summer Answered on December 4, 2014 19:17 Power is a physical concept. The first thing that comes to mind) Force is the quantity by which the mechanical interaction of bodies is measured, due to which their acceleration.

Fairy tales

Fairy tales There are 2 answers Eva Zapolsky Answered 19 march 2015 10:30 At the heart of the story of a fairy tale is the story of overcoming loss or shortage, with the help of wonderful tools, or magic helpers. In the exposition of.

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