What is euphoria

What is euphoria? Irina Kosheleva July 19, 2012 Imagine how you win a million dollars. Or open the door, and there stands a favorite actor or actress with an innocent smile and a proposal of the hand and heart. Submitted? Now you know what.

How cats mate

How do cats mate? Watch the video How do cats mate? Some people have never seen their cats "walking by themselves" mating. They came up with the idea of ​​sterilizing the cat, but they simply did not reach the hands. Then one day they.

How to dress a cat

How to dress a cat? Olga Izvekova March 21, 2013 Unlike dogs, cats do not like clothes. This is due to the fact that according to the instincts of the cat must constantly lick their fur, and clothing prevents them from doing so. Therefore.

How to get married

How to get married? The time comes when all your friends have already got husbands, families. And in your head periodically flashes the thought: "Already married unbearable." And near or not that beloved, who would make you a marriage proposal. Or, perhaps, for some.

Why do fish die

Why do fish die? Aquarium creates comfort and beauty in the house. Probably everyone has long known that the contemplation of aquarium life calms the psyche and contributes to peace. So it is, but it is desirable not just to look at the fish.

Best sex positions

Best sex positions "Missionary position" The face-to-face position is often used in pairs, as it is soothing and loving. But the man is too dominant, and women often prefer positions that give them greater control. Diversity is important for maintaining sexual interest, especially in.

What is a project?

What is a project? Elena Shchugoreva January 14, 2013 16398 The word "project" has recently become fashionable and significant. We invite you to take part in the project, - they write on announcements about the set of waitresses in a summer cafe. Young geniuses.

Village Pizza

Village Pizza Country pizzais a recipe. Ingredients: Dough: milk 250 ml; sugar 2 tbsp. l.; dry yeast 1 sachet (11 g); butter 125 gr (melt); flour 350-400 gr; salt 1/2 tsp. stuffing: cottage cheese 250 gr; greens 100 grams (for example, green onions and.

Capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe Capsule wardrobe–This is a unique chance to use your attire to the maximum. No need to buy new things - organize old ones, combining clothes with each other. In addition, you can purchase accessories and two or three bags. You can easily.

What is a square

What is a square? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Lilya Mayak ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������May 8, 2015 A square is a geometric figure with equal sides and angles. This is most of us know from school. But what properties it has and how its area and perimeter are calculated, unfortunately.

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