• Paraffin, cosmetic procedures

    In terms of color, paraffin wax can be found from pure white to yellowish. Color is an indication of the degree of purification of a substance. The melting point of paraffins ranges from 45-60 ° C. The purest paraffins are used to impregnate food paper, for the production of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. They are covered with containers, which are subsequently used in the food industry as a container. Lower purification paraffins are used to make candles, matches, household goods, in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Paraffin is widely used in medicine. It is an additive in various ointments, suspensions, it is used in paraffin treatment.
    Paraffin began to be used as cosmetic procedures in the 19th century. Nowadays, paraffin masks can be performed independently. For this purpose, it is better to choose paraffin in pharmacies. Paraffin masks are suitable for all skin types. It is important to melt the paraffin correctly, preferably in a water bath.The place on the body where the paraffin mask will be applied is not moistened in any way.
    The melted oil product is placed on the skin with molten, warm. Layers are applied gradually, they warm the skin. Cooling down, paraffin slightly compressed in volume. Such a mask allows not only to warm the skin, but also to strengthen it, tighten it. Paraffin procedures do not burn the skin, but only shallowly heat it. Vessels with such masks do not expand, which distinguishes this effect of paraffin from other thermal procedures.
    In addition to these effects, paraffin treatments help restore the water balance of the skin. Are the prevention of the appearance of stretch marks and double chin. The skin after the mask softens, various seals dissolve, trophic skin improves.
    Conducting paraffin procedures yourself, follow certain rules. Never apply liquid paraffin to the skin around the eyes, mouth and nostrils. Layers should go flat, use a brush for this. For each frozen layer lay gauze layer. The thickness of the mask can be increased to 8 mm. With a paraffin brush, follow the massage lines of the face strictly, start with the chin, finish applying the mask on the frontal part of the face.
    After 20 minutes, remove the mask, do it gently with a cosmetic spatula. After the mask, treat the skin with lotion or a suitable cream.

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