• Perthes disease

    Nephew recently began to complain of pain in his leg, in recent days began to limp. The doctor after the examination sent an x-ray with suspicion of Perthes disease. Tell me, who knows what the symptoms and consequences of this disease, where in Moscow you can apply for treatment.
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    Answered on January 2 17:05
    In general, this disease is often associated with previously transferred infectious diseases such as tonsillitis, sinusitis. It is important to undergo an examination in time to make the correct diagnosis.
    Answered on January 2 17:12
    You first go through an x-ray, if the diagnosis remains in question, then to confirm the diagnosis, you will still need to do an ultrasound of the hip joint or a CT scan.
    Answered on January 2 17:17
    Perthes disease is not dangerous for life and can be completely cured in the early stages of treatment. But you can not start the disease and you need to fully examine the child. Here is a link to you, read about Perthes disease here. I hope you will find the information useful.

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