• Photo of a woman after Caesarean angered Network

    Young mother literally hunted haters.

    Constance Hall lives in Australia. She is quite a popular blogger - more than a million people have subscribed to her Facebook page. She recently became a mother. Again the boy Raja became her seventh child.

    "Welcome to the matriarchy" - with these words, Constance posted a photo on her page on the social network. And literally blew up the network. Haters attacked her, explaining how bad she was.

    Here it is, this photo.

    Photo: @trinacaryphotography

    Yes, Constance delves into the phone and sips a soft drink from a can while his father fiddles with a newborn baby.

    "How can you? Don't you have more important things to do than hang on the phone at such a moment? ”- there was no limit to public discontent.

    Constance in response to the word in his pocket did not get.

    “At this time, I can at least send swear letters to Thailand, this is none of your business,” she said sharply.

    And really, what's the problem? She was just done a caesarean, her belly was stitched up, the woman is just moving away from anesthesia. Yes, she finally got the opportunity to relax after the surgery.And, until the pain has come, you can afford to get on Instagram, let thousands of subscribers know that everything is in order with her, inform you that the boy was born. Or maybe - what a mess! - even read something curious in the tape.

    Photo: @trinacaryphotography

    Very soon, Constance will return home, where a huge family and two dogs are waiting for her. Will she have time to hang on the phone? It will, of course, be her work. But for the sake of pleasure - hardly. After the birth of the child, the woman no longer belongs to herself. And if he tries to devote time to himself, he faces unconditional condemnation.

    “If you think that the mother behaves incorrectly, but the children are not subjected to violence, they are not in danger, everything is in order, then her behavior is none of your business,” Constance concluded, advising the disgruntled to go about their business.

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