• Pillow-cushion under the door. Draft protection in 5 minutes

    Want to get rid of drafts and make your home more warm and comfortable? This will help you a simple pillow-roller, which can be put under the door or on the window sill. In fact, this is a very useful thing in the house, especially if you have small children or you just love to walk barefoot. To create it, you do not need a pattern or a special fabric. In the creation of such protection, you can use almost any material. I made my protection from drafts very simply: the form was sewn from a piece of knitted fabric, decorated with hearts of felt; Well, I filled it with residual material - pieces of foam rubber and wool fabric. I did not specifically bind the ends, but simply tied the ribbon, since it would be easier for me to change the filler of the roller and wash the form itself.

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