• Poems about love, touching to the depths of the soul. Selection to tears of beautiful poems about love for a man and a woman, a boy and a girl

    010Probably in the world there are no more gentle, beautiful and sublime works than poems about love. Rhyming phrases reflect the whole emotional range of a man in love, touch to the depths of the soul and make you feel deeply in tears.

    About love wrote long poems such recognized classics as Lermontov and Pushkin. About the tender feelings between a man and a woman, they composed short, beautiful lines of Akhmatova and Yesenin. Many modern poets, who deserve fame and success, fill their best creations with love meaning. Of course, the touching lyrics describe not only the reciprocity between two people who decide to become a husband and wife, but also the love of a woman for a man from a distancethe boy's unrequited feelings for the girl and other shades of relationships, without which no true love story can do. And all these soulful and quivering works you will find in our collection.

    Long poems about love to tears for a guy

    Modern young people try very hard to look confident and tough, do not show their emotions in people and pretend that such delicate matters as tenderness, softness and sensuality are alien to them simply by definition. However, somewhere in the depths of his soul, each of them dreams, at least once in his life, to get a beautiful and touching love message from his girlfriend, such as what the naive Pushkin's Tatiana wrote to the haughty city loveleas, Onegin. So maybe it's time to fulfill this secret desire and give your boyfriend long and touching tearful love poems?


    If you decide to read the work out loud, first very well learn it by heart, so as not to hesitate and spoil the spectacular impression. When words are deposited in the memory and, as they say, bounce off the teeth, have a choice of the moment for your speech. Stay with your beloved couple, create a romantic atmosphere and plan it allso that you will not be disturbed by relatives unexpectedly returning from work, visiting friends or neighbors who have run out of salt. Turn off or put on the silent dial your phone and your loved one's device. Mouth sanctification or light candles, and then declare the piece with an expression. Struck by such a bright, unexpected surprise, the guy will surely melt and your date will certainly turn into a more pleasant, intimate phase.


    I miss your eyes so much
    By the look, by the smile of your tender ...
    You just ask, I'll give you everything ...
    I'll be blown away. Morning and fresh ...

    To touch your skin sometimes
    To wake you kiss
    And your lips touch gently
    "I love You ..." whispered softly.

    I'll be the sun. Bright and playful ...
    To the rays in your hair play
    Eyelashes touch ... Slowly, playfully ...
    With you wake up ... Fall asleep ...

    I will become a mystery. Unsolved by you ...
    So that at night you think about me
    To always carry me with him ...
    And so that I will always be yours ...

    I will become a warm candle flame ...
    So that you can always warm up with me ...
    No words ... you just shut up ...
    Listen to how your heart beats ...

    I'll become
    Someone ... Something ... And sometime ...
    I'll give you happiness in your palms ...
    You are my dear, beloved and ... desired ...
    So hopeless ... It hurts ... I love ...


    I breathe, loved only by you,
    You are the light in the night blue
    You are the fire of an unburned candle.
    You're my favorite is you,

    No more beautiful in the world you
    You are a ray of sunshine in the gloomy day,
    You are coming of the earliest spring.
    You are warm in the middle of a harsh winter

    You are the fragrance of fragrant herbs,
    You are the title of book chapters,
    You are the key to all doors in the world.
    You are the best on the planet
    You are an earthly world
    You are my favorite, my dear.


    Wonderful, my beautiful, my good,
    Because of you at nights, I am not sleeping now,
    You're awesome, you're awesome,
    And very, very, very much, I love you.

    With you I'm not afraid of adversity
    With you I smile every day
    And even in the wettest weather,
    It is not too lazy for me to walk with you.

    You are my so special, beautiful,
    You're the best guy in the world for me,
    You always need me one
    You are my tenderness, passion, dream!

    Short, beautiful poems about love to tears for a man


    How to please your loved one without a holiday or a memorable date? How is it extraordinary and effective to express your feelings and touch dear to the depths of the soul? Of course, to find short, beautiful poems about love for a man,write them on a small piece of paper and quietly put them in your jacket or jacket of a dear person. Gathering money or documents, a man accidentally stumbles upon a gentle message and will sincerely rejoice at this romantic surprise. You can prepare for your beloved a whole series of small rhymed works and arrange them in the most unexpected corners of your common apartment or in the cabin of your personal car. It will be very interesting for the beloved to find your affectionate lines in the glove compartment, on the bookshelf or in the desktop drawer in the home office. Such a piquant and seductive game will add to the routine of life a little bit of romance and give the relationship a special touch of intimacy.


    My love, my inspiration you,
    I'm always happy with you.
    You make me worry
    Only one gentle look.


    Darling, you give me inspiration,
    With you, I experienced a second birth,
    Became better and purer, wiser and kind,
    I am happy that you are in my life!


    You taught me to love again.
    And the heart of the fragments glued.
    With you managed to forget the pain.
    And you cherished the germ of love.

    Sad poems about the love of a man in the distance


    Love is a beautiful, sublime feeling that brings people a lot of positive emotions and vivid impressions. But sometimes it makes you feel bored, sad and even crying because the most important and significant person in life is very, very far away. At such moments, the heart of a woman is literally torn from the desire to be near, hug, look into the eyes and feel the warmth of her man.

    However, sometimes a more difficult situation happens in fate, when the distance between people is expressed not in hundreds of thousands of kilometers, but in the so-called domestic causes. For example, the object of sighs is not free, does not pay attention to the woman in love, and does not even suspect about her reverent, tender attitude. Someone at such a moment becomes locked in and tries to forget the object of his passion, while others seek solace in the love lyrics and even compose sad poems about love for a man from a distance. Not everyone succeeds in putting together harmonious, beautiful and touching lines from their experiences, but some manage to create real little masterpieces that touch everyone to the depths of their souls. Just such works we have collected in this section and bring to your attention.Each word of these poems penetrates the very heart and makes you feel all the sadness of a woman in love who is not able to be close to the desired man.


    It seems, if I embraced you,
    the world would have melted from here to the distant ice ...
    At night the road shines, white and white,
    dark icebergs roam in tired lungs
    tears no longer roll, do not flow,
    just hanging their caps into a shaky globe.
    It seems, if together even though five minutes,
    The snowy field could not stand it, it would blossom.


    I miss you so much,
    I'm waiting for you, I love you!
    Though you are far, but I know,
    What save my love!

    And I will carry it through adversity,
    And through happiness will carry!
    I'll go against the weather,
    To show that I love!

    We are separated by distance
    I am very, very welcome!
    I want to see you sooner,
    In the hope, in faith I live!


    The distance between us and you separated,
    We are far from each other!
    In my heart, my favorite is not nice,
    I know that it's not easy for you either,

    Kilometers of the way we share
    Your image in my heart has frozen forever,
    Love unites us with you!
    And will do it always!

    Distance for lovers is not a hindrance!
    Though hard to understand,
    You are the only one in the world
    And this must be realized!

    Poems about love to the girl - a touching and tender confession


    Touching, gentle words of recognition in love, every girl wants to hear from a man, but the representatives of the stronger sex at such a moment are very embarrassed to talk about their exalted feelings and, literally, lose their gift of speech. It seems to them that simple, sincere phrases are too trivial for one of the most significant moments of life and can not fully reflect the power of love, passion and fire, which burns the man's heart. Here beautiful, quivering and sublime poems about love for a girl will help a lot. They can be memorized and read to their beautiful lady at the right moment. Melodic lyrics and harmonious rhymes will also appeal to a strict, serious young lady, and a glamorous, frivolous girl. Any girl in such a special moment will feel like a real romantic heroine and give a man pleasant signs of attention.

    If the thought of reading love poems out loud does not inspire you with optimism, write them on a spectacular postcard and present to your girlfriend along with flowers and a small pleasant gift. A note with a verbal declaration of love can be enclosed in a chic bouquet of flowers and sent to your girlfriend via courier delivery home or to work.Such a gesture will cause a positive reaction and give a woman the opportunity to feel loved and desired.


    I love you, my gentle angel,
    I'm ready to give you everything
    I would only be with me,
    I'm ready to wait for you forever!

    But in the heart without you - the desert
    You are all kind, gentle, lovely!
    The coveted girl is not in the world,
    I love every day stronger!


    And I love you ... and, you know,
    I'll be there to resolve
    Only to be with you, you understand ...
    You are a part of my ... my soul.
    And in my heart there is only one ...
    Only one place is for you.
    My favorite, you know ...
    I love so much ... love you.


    I love - what could be more beautiful!
    I love with all my heart, with all my heart.
    As if the world is woven out of happiness,
    Such a bright and big!

    I love you - and life as a fairy tale,
    And so much warmth
    And so much tenderness and affection!
    I want you to always be!

    The best poems about love to husband and wife


    Even if you have been married for several years now, this is not a reason to forget about romance and fully focus exclusively on domestic trifles and problems. Diversify your family life and bring into it an element of refined and tender sensuality.Remind your soulmate about the period when you first met and read the best, touching and sublime poems about love to a dear person. This will decorate your relationship with completely new colors and make life together even brighter and more pleasant.


    My dear husband, my support,
    I'm falling in love with you harder.
    Since we are with you
    I became very happy.

    Your words, your support
    Give me strength every day.
    When you are not with me,
    A shadow suddenly falls on the heart.

    I love your arms so much
    Your smile and words.
    And I know that nobody in the world
    Will not get any closer for me!


    You're the best wife in the world,
    Beautiful, you are kind, elegant, gentle.
    I chose you from hundreds of others
    But there is no more expensive than your hug.
    And how have I lived without you before? Question!
    The angel probably brought you to me.
    I want to be forever with you alone
    Always call only beloved wife!


    My dear, the only, desired,
    With you I decided to spend my life
    You are gentle, kind, very passionate,
    With you we have created a happy family.

    You are the best friend, you are the inspiration, the miracle
    You are my protector, you are the support and the wall,
    And without you my world would be empty
    How much I love my dear you.

    How nice to meet you,
    With you, it’s as if we became whole
    I am glad that I am called my beloved wife
    That you have fulfilled all the desires and dreams!

    Love poems from classics and famous poets, touching to the depths of the soul


    To move to the depths of the soul, to touch the thinnest strings of the heart and make a person to feel up to tears .... All this in an instant able to make beautiful, gentle and quivering poems about love. Who usually devotes such romantic works? Husbands and wives, guys and girls, beloved men and women, in short, everyone who is called lover. And it doesn't matter at all whether these people are near or at a distance, reciprocate each other or not ... The heart, penetrated by love, still tries to find a way out to its feelings and talks about them in lyrical rhymed lines. Someone in a fit of passion himself turns into a poet, while others simply find in short and long poems with a love of meaning and dedicate them to their idols.

    What is better to choose, always topical classics, which came from the pen of Lermontov or Pushkin,or give preference to the piercing creations of Yesenin and Akhmatova? There is no clear priority here. Enough to focus on your taste and poetic addictions of a loved one. Knowing about them in detail, you will easily find a product that colorfully tells about your feelings and in the best possible way will show the subject of passion your sincerity and affectionate attitude.


    I remember a wonderful moment:
    Before me was you
    Like fleeting vision,
    Like a genius of pure beauty.

    In the weariness of sadness is hopeless,
    In the worries of noisy bustle,
    I heard a long gentle voice
    And dreamed cute features.

    Years passed. A riot of rebellion
    Scattered former dreams,
    And I forgot your tender voice,
    Your heavenly features.

    In the wilderness, in the darkness of confinement
    My days quietly dragged on
    Without deity, without inspiration,
    Without tears, without life, without love.

    Awakening has come to the soul:
    And here you are again,
    Like fleeting vision,
    Like a genius of pure beauty.

    And the heart beats in ecstasy,
    And for him resurrected
    And deity, and inspiration,
    And life, and tears, and love.

    A. Pushkin


    Without you I want to tell you a lot,
    With you I want to listen to you;
    But silently you look strictly,
    And I am silent in embarrassment.
    What to do? ..

    Unskilled speech
    I’m not allowed to occupy your mind ...
    All this would be ridiculous,
    When it was not so sad ...

    M. Lermontov


    That night we lost our minds to each other,
    Lights us only ominous darkness
    His ditching aryk,
    And Asia smelled cloves.
    And we passed through a strange city,
    Through the smoky song and the midnight heat,
    - alone under the constellation Snake,
    Look at each other without daring.
    It could be Istanbul or even Baghdad
    But, alas! not Warsaw, not Leningrad,
    And this is a bitter dissimilarity.
    Choked like an orphan air.
    And it seemed: centuries walk alongside
    And in the tambourine invisible beating hand,
    And sounds like secret signs,
    Before us circled in darkness.
    We were with you in a mysterious mist,
    As if walking on no man's land
    But a month of diamond felucca
    Suddenly floated over a separation meeting ...
    And if that night comes back to you
    In your incomprehensible fate for me
    You know that you had a dream
    Sacred this minute.

    A. Akhmatova


    Fire swept blue
    Have forgotten dear gave.
    The first time I sang about love,
    The first time I renounce a fight.
    I was all - like a neglected garden
    Was on women and potion avid.
    Liked drinking and dancing
    And lose your life without thinking.
    I would only look at you,
    Seeing the eyes of the golden-brown pool,
    And so that the past is not loving,
    You could not leave to another.
    Tread a gentle, easy camp,
    If you knew your heart was persistent,
    How can a bully love
    How can he be submissive.
    I'd forget forever taverns
    And poems would write abandoned.
    Just used to thin hand
    And your hair color in the fall.
    I'd go for you forever
    At least in their own, even in other people gave ...
    The first time I sang about love,
    The first time I renounce a fight.


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