• Points at MTS

    MTS, as one of the very popular mobile operators in Russia, for the convenience of customers and the popularization of its services, offers participation in the loyalty program through the accumulation of points with various options for their use. You can find the full list of services for which you can pay with the accumulated points on the official website of the company in the section "Entertainment and Information". Next, you need to go to the subsection "MTS-Bonus" and open a page with a catalog of rewards.

    How to spend points MTS?

    It is worth noting that the list of possible services that can be paid with the help of points is quite wide. Among them, the exchange of points for packages of free minutes, SMS and MMS, it is also possible to pay for Internet services, purchase certificates, or valuable gifts, arrange subscriptions, etc.

    Managing and controlling the balance of accumulated points in the "Personal Account" on the official website is quite convenient and practical. Registration and connection of the service does not cause difficulties, so the whole process is accompanied by numerous prompts and consistent navigation.

    If you are not able to use the “Personal Account” on the official website, you can use a number of alternative ways to exchange points for rewards. These manipulations can be made in the presence of a passport in any specialized MTS communication lounge, or using the help desk at 0890. The help desk is also automated, and all actions are accompanied by numerous prompts. In case of difficulties at any time you can contact the operator for help.

    How to send points to MTS

    Among the services for the use of points, MTS offers a balance transfer to another user of the same mobile operator.

    The transfer of points can be done in the "My Account" on the official website of the company, where a login and password will be required for authorization. The login in this case will be a phone number, and the password can be requested here on the site using the “Get a password” service. After a request for several minutes in an SMS message, the required number combination will arrive at the specified phone number, which is the password. After authorization, you can always find out the balance of points in the corresponding section and, using the “Give points” option, send the necessary number of points to another subscriber.

    An alternative way to transfer the accumulated points is available to those who prefer to use the USSD request. To transfer, you need to use a combination in the body of SMS from the words DAR, or GIFT, phone number and the number of points transferred. For a correct transfer between the initial word, number and the number of points, you must put spaces. This combination in the form of SMS should be sent to the number 4555.

    To accept and activate the received points, the receiving party must confirm their receipt by clicking on the “Accept” option in the “Personal Account”, or by answering SMS with the same word to the number 4555.

    In the future, the recipient of the sent bonus points will use them at their discretion.

    It is worth noting that the service "MTS-Bonus" is additional and to receive points from another subscriber, it must be activated. This service is activated either in the salon of cellular communication in the presence of a passport, or on the official website of MTS, or with the help of the operator of the information service.

    Using the loyalty program from MTS is easy, pleasant and profitable. And the ability to transfer bonus points to other users can be a great gift or kind of friendly help.

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