• Porcelain tiles: features of use

    �Porcelain tile: features of its production

    In the production of this tile, two types of clay and granite chips are used. From a special mixture, plates are pressed, which are then subjected to a firing process. Indicators of strength, fire resistance and appearance are close to the technical and aesthetic parameters of natural stone. Durable stoneware tiles were originally used as flooring in industrial premises. It has a high degree of frost resistance, but its aesthetic appearance is not particularly pleased.
    Modern technology has allowed manufacturers to improve the aesthetic performance of this finishing material. Tiles began to be used in the design of home interiors. The structure of this finishing material is fragile, comparable to glass. Therefore, it requires maximum caution when moving and cutting. Choosing this finishing material as facing, assign the responsibility for the implementation of all works to specialists.

    �Types of porcelain tiles

    Modern porcelain tiles vary by type. For example, on sale you can see granite tiles imitating marble, natural stone or antique ceramics. The technological process involves the application of special substances on the surface of porcelain. This tile has a unique color, high strength parameters. In the domestic market there is a large assortment of glazed porcelain. This type of tile is represented by polished, semi-polished, matte and structured facing material.
    The soft gloss of polished kermogranita can give a unique look to any interior. Facing ceramics today is widely used for decorating walls and floors in residential private homes. Structured porcelain tile imitates the texture of wood, stone with characteristic irregularities. Compositions from such tiles become the basis of the stylistic solution for interiors.
    Modern production technologies are constantly being improved. Improved performance and aesthetic qualities of porcelain. The lifetime of porcelain stoneware is unlimited.It is extremely durable, resistant to abrasion and scratches. The material is not prone to cracking, moisture resistant. Porcelain tile long keeps the qualities, maintains the most severe conditions of operation. Do not run out and design creative solutions. Thanks to the new facing materials, our houses are getting a stylish look and a desired comfort.

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