• Professional cleaning after repair. Promptly and efficiently

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    July 13, 2016
    Professional cleaning after repair. Promptly and efficiently

    Looking around the living space after the costly repairs carried out in it, its owner begins to doubt the correctness of his action. It can be understood, because the apartment after the repair work is often a sad sight. Wallpapers and decorative plaster on the walls, as well as suspended ceilings are covered with dust, traces of glue are left on the tile, and new floor coverings are stained with cement and paint stains. The picture is complemented by piles of uncleaned construction waste.

    It is not easy to get rid of the pollution left by the builders. If you act independently, you can cause noticeable defects to finishing materials. The owner of the apartment. We can advise you to ask for help from the cleaning company Korolev-Cleaning, whose employees will bring it in good order in the very near future.After all, for them cleaning the apartment after repair is not a problem! In this they will be helped by a great experience of similar works, high qualification and necessary household chemicals.

    In the first place from the housing will be removed and taken to the garbage dump. Then, with the help of a powerful vacuum cleaner, the employees of the Korolev-Cleaning company will clean all surfaces of the apartment from dust, from floor to ceiling! The next stage of cleaning after repair is associated with the removal of various stains. Special solvents are used for this purpose, which soften the impurities without causing damage to the coating itself. Processed, so the stain remains, only to wipe with a napkin.

    After the completion of this stage of cleaning work, the employees of Korolev-Klining will qualitatively clean all glass surfaces and windows, window sills, slopes, frames, doors and floors, clean the bathroom tile and clean sanitary ware, including all contaminants behind sanitary fixtures. Already clean floors, depending on the type of flooring, will be treated with special pastes that will protect them from the negative effects of the environment and lengthen their service life.

    It should be noted that all household chemicals used by professional cleaners are certified and do not affect people's health.

    At the end of the post-repair cleaning, the last rubbish will be removed from the apartment. Now, its owner, having visited his renovated and washed to mirror shine house, will be able to appreciate the high quality of the repair and the services of professional cleaners. To keep the house in such an ideal condition for a long time he will be helped by the contract concluded with the company Korolev-Cleaning.

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