• Proper care and advice on the content of the springer

    Four-legged friends have long become loyal helpers of a person, they are happy to accept in families and often trust in difficult work. Today we will tell about a dog with kind eyes and a devoted character - Springer. He is the largest representative of spaniels and one of the oldest hunting breeds.

    True friend, responsible comrade

    These eared friends are perhaps one of the most good-natured, and their inexhaustible supply of energy is truly surprising. The history of the breed dates back to the 14th century. It was withdrawn in Norfolk (UK).

    First, the springers were taken with them to hunt falcons. The task of the dogs was to scare away the birds that hid in the bushes, and after the game was hit, find it and bring it to the owner.

    Up until the 19th century, spaniels were not distinguished by species, and only when the American Kennel Club finally decided to divide them into subspecies, an English Springer and a Cocker Spaniel appeared.They were distinguished by weight - those who weighed less than 13 kg were considered as springers, less than this indicator - cokers.

    At the beginning of the 20th century, the association officially confirmed the standards and recognized the Springer as a separate breed.

    Modern representatives of this species have become more social, and get on well with the owners, being affectionate and devoted. They love children and allow those many pranks in relation to themselves, calmly endure the twitching by the ears and tail.

    But the balanced character does not prevent the Spaniels from being excellent guards and service dogs. They are often trained for challenging jobs — searching for drugs, explosives, and other dangerous objects and people.

    How to find out?

    It is very difficult to confuse a springer with another representative of this breed, but nevertheless, we present the main characteristics that distinguish it:

    1. High growth and massive build. It is significantly taller than its counterparts, the growth of an adult individual reaches 50 cm. It looks rather large, the average weight is 20-23 kg.
    2. Color. Traditionally, wool combines two or three colors, most often white with black or white with brown, as presented in the photo.
    3. Eyes.Purebreds of this breed can not have bright eyes, only brown or dark brown.
    4. Tail. Set low, well below the level of the back.
    5. Gait. While walking, the English Spaniel puts its paws straight, without crossing them, like many dogs.

    If you decide to make such a friend at home, you need to be prepared for long and active walks.

    Proper care

    Since the representatives of this breed are long-haired, they require special attention and care. How to care for this faithful friend?

    1. Wool.She needs constant brushing, it should be done at least 2-3 times a week. In order for the dog to look healthy and beautiful, besides the usual brush for combing it is worth purchasing a massage mitten. It will not only help to complete the process of combing, but also due to the massage effect it will improve the blood flow and, hence, the condition of the coat.

    2. Power.For a pet to grow strong and healthy, it needs good nutrition. For a puppy, the diet should consist of 6 meals. After 8 months, two will be enough. Be sure to give fermented milk products, they are perfect for breakfast.Allowed to add a little honey and calcium.

    It is worth remembering that for proper muscle development, the springer must eat enough meat. Pork must be discarded, the best option is lean beef or veal. Recommended cereals - buckwheat and rice. 2-3 times a week, do not forget to give a boiled egg. In addition to meat, it is also necessary to include fish and vegetables in the diet.

    If you decide to transfer your pet to dry food, then you should choose it carefully, according to the breed, age and weight, after consulting with a veterinarian. Remember that food should be varied and include all necessary nutrients.

    3. Training.This is an integral part of the education process. Since the English springer is very active, it's worth taking a close look at the walks, not just running. In the summer it is good to walk with a dog near a river or a lake, these dogs are very fond of swimming and digging pits. Give them plenty to play, and they will be happy.

    Also, pets are easy to learn simple commands.

    These curious, eared-in friends become a full-fledged member of the family, but you will have to pay a lot for such pleasure.The price starts from 300 dollars and will increase according to the level of compliance with the breed.

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