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    How many cities in Russia, in our seemingly immense country? And how many million-plus cities in Russia? If you ask yourself these questions, then this article will answer them.
    You are faced with a situation that you need to significantly reduce the consumption of sweets or even abandon them? The article will tell you how to replace sweet and not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying something with tea.
    The article tells what the manager should know. What is the minimum knowledge and skills for people in this profession? Also separately highlighted what should know the sales manager.
    Banana is a very popular product. Have you ever thought about what bananas grow on? Not at all on a palm tree, as many are accustomed to think. The article will help answer this question.
    In modern speech, there is a lot of foreign terminology. So, for example, what is a hierarchy? Read the article and get a comprehensive answer to this question, find out when it is appropriate to use this term.
    Are you thinking about what foods contain iodine? The article will not only answer this question, but also explain why iodine is so necessary for a person and what is the daily need for it.
    How to teach a child to walk? These questions are often asked by caring parents when their baby is still only at the crawling stage. In the article you will find useful tips and learn how to teach a child to walk independently.
    Your baby is already close to the stage of independent movement, and you are increasingly wondering how to teach a child to crawl? In the article you will find exercises and tips that will help you and your baby.
    Is your pet born and brought you tiny kittens? And you do not know how to determine the sex of a kitten? The article will help you understand this. You will understand that in fact there is nothing difficult in this.

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