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    The question of how smoking affects the body has not yet been fully studied, but the harm this harmful habit does to human health does not make it any less. What science already knows today is enough to give up this habit.
    Useful tips for those who could not decide what you can write about yourself guy in the first letter. The information will help you to get acquainted without typical errors.
    After a tiring work day on the way home, many housewives think that they can quickly and easily cook for their family members. Useful tips and a few simple recipes can relieve you of torment.
    What delicious cooked stuffing to please their household? They will not be surprised by the stuffed fish, pie or dumplings. Two recipes with exotic names are offered to your attention.
    Before you cook delicious pilaf, you need to purchase the necessary spices and prepare the products. This recipe of the peoples of Central Asia. For lovers of cooking and surprise.
    The first attempts to create an Excel workbook do not always bring success. This article discusses how to remove its various elements in Excel. Simple and effective ways to help correct errors.
    Going on a regular vacation, carefully make a list of what should be taken on vacation first. Or you can just read the article and not waste time on unnecessary thoughts.
    What is under the ribs and what are the symptoms of diseases of a particular organ? A description of some of the manifestations can be found in this article. It is possible that some of the pain you have long been familiar.
    Before deciding what to give for 50 years, most of the invitees consult with friends and acquaintances and still get lost in conjectures. Some tips are given in the article. Perhaps they will help to make a difficult choice.
    It is curious what sports are in our country. What unites them, and how do they differ? After reviewing the contents of the article, you will receive not only the answers to these questions, but also a lot of other equally useful information.

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