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    Parents live in a private house in an elite area near St. Petersburg. This year we faced the problem that the children who live there or come to the grandmothers do not have where to play. Everybody has courtyards clearly not for a crowd of children. So I had to invent classes all summer for the whole crowd of guys. Advise how you can take children in the summer?
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    Answered on September 28 19:51
    I remember my childhood in the village. We had a bench and swings and we constantly played there. We were also taken by the whole crowd to the river. Do not forget the times.
    Answered on September 28 19:57
    I understand this is about preschool and junior classes? If yes, then why don't you get together and put a pair of seesaws and a sandbox.
    Answered on September 28 20:04
    If this is an elite area, as the author wrote, then a simple sandbox is unlikely to manage. I think it is worth going to everyone who has children, and think about buying some entertainment center for the yard. Here, for example, you can see the playgrounds for giving here. As for me, the choice is chic, and the problem with the employment of children will be solved.

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