• Quick disposal of herpes on the lips

    The herpes virus is able to exist in the human body for years and does not show itself, while the immune system is able to resist it. However, with a decrease in immunity, this virus makes itself felt. On the lips appear bubbles, which are accompanied by itching and burning. With the help of modern drugs and traditional medicine can eliminate these manifestations in a short time.
    Herpes on the lips: treatment. Video
    Herpes on the lips: treatment
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    The causes of the activation of herpes

    The most significant factors that can provoke a recurrence of herpes include:

    • colds and other viral as well as bacterial infections
    • hypothermia
    • stress
    • injury
    • menstruation
    • overwork
    • hypovitaminosis, "hard" diets and exhaustion
    • excessive tanning

    The herpes virus can affect any part of the mucous membranes or human skin. But most often it appears on the lips and lips and the mucous membrane of the nose.

    For many people, “cold on the lips” is not a big danger and is mainly a cosmetic drawback.But for people with greatly reduced immunity, the presence of the herpes virus in the body can be a serious problem. For example, in AIDS-infected cancer patients who have undergone transplantation of organs of people, the virus can cause serious additional health problems, up to and including damage to internal organs.

    Getting rid of herpes with medications

    Significantly reduce the manifestations of herpes on the lips and the duration of its course allow antiviral drugs, if you start to apply them in a timely manner (best still at the stage of pruritus).

    With herpes on the lips, you can use the following tools:

    • drugs based on acyclovir ("Acyclovir", "Zovirax", "Virolex", etc.)
    • "Gerpferon" and its analogues
    • Valaciclovir and other Valtrex-based drugs
    Very carefully and only under the supervision of the attending physician, it is necessary to take medicines for herpes to pregnant and lactating women, elderly people and those who have any chronic diseases.

    "Acyclovir" is an antiviral agent that is used in the form of tablets or ointment for herpetic skin lesions.The ointment should be applied to the affected skin 5 times a day. Tablets should be taken 5 times a day for 1 piece (200 mg of active ingredient). Treatment usually lasts no more than 5 days. In severe herpes, this period may be extended.

    To avoid the recurrence of the disease, you can take 1 tablet "Acyclovir" 4 times a day or 2 tablets 2 times a day. The duration of use of this tool depends on the period during which the risk of recurrence of the disease remains.

    "Gerpferon" has immunomodulatory, antiviral and local anesthetic effect. This tool is made in the form of ointment. Use it at the acute stage of the disease. Ointment should be applied to the affected skin area up to 6 times per day. When symptoms begin to disappear, the frequency of use of this drug is reduced. The course of treatment lasts about 7 days.

    Valaciclovir acts much like the drug Acyclovir, but it also has a more pronounced effect. This tool is available in pill form. They are taken in 500 mg 2 times a day for 3–5 days. The use of this drug in the first 2 hours after the onset of herpes symptoms will significantly accelerate your recovery, and also help prevent the worsening of the disease.At the first signs of the disease during the day, take 2 g of the drug 2 times (with an interval of 12 hours).

    But remember that the treatment of herpes with drugs should begin with a visit to the doctor.

    Folk remedies for herpes on the lips

    In case of herpes in any case, you should not open the bubbles or remove the crust, otherwise the virus can capture other parts of the skin

    The following remedy is quite effective, but at the same time painful. Dip a teaspoon into freshly brewed hot tea and wait until it is properly heated. Then attach a spoon to the sore spot. For a tangible result, you need to do this several times a day.

    With the beginning of herpes at the stage of "bubbles" ice helps well. You need to wrap the ice cube in a napkin, and then press it to your lips. The longer you hold the ice, the better. To avoid overcooling, from time to time you should make small pauses.

    Getting rid of herpes
    Getting rid of herpes
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    Also, a rapidly spreading cold on the lips in the form of bubbles and sores can be dried with regular powder. But at the same time for its application can not use sponge or brush, which you will use in the future. It is better to apply powder with a cotton swab or just a fingertip.

    How to prevent the recurrence of herpes

    If the herpes virus settled in your body, reconsider your lifestyle: do not abuse alcohol and coffee, stop smoking. Also avoid overwork and hypothermia, do not abuse the tan.

    Try not to expose yourself to stress. To calm you can do yoga, meditation, tai chi, or just take a walk in the fresh air. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regularly. In addition, to strengthen the immune system it is necessary to take immunomodulators and a complex of vitamins.

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