• Quick gift with your own hands, master class

    Quick gift with your own hands, master classAre you thinking about giving your girlfriends for March 8 or another holiday? Want to make a nice gift with your hands quickly? We offer you a step-by-step master class on the creation of a case for lipstick.


    Are you familiar with the situation when you are looking for lip gloss for 5 minutes, removing the entire contents of your handbag? Awkward right There is an excellent solution to this problem - a small cute case-keychain. It can be attached to a keychain, and then your lipstick will always be at hand. Try to make such a cover for yourself or give it to your friend.


    What materials should be prepared?


    For crafts you will need:


    two pieces of thick fabric measuring about 5 by 25 centimeters. The exact length and width of the strips depends on the shape of the tube of glitter, so first estimate whether the chosen size is suitable. It is best to take a bright fabric with an interesting pattern. If you want to use thin material, fold it together for greater reliability.


    You will also need to buy an iron D-shaped ring 5 centimeters wide. Perhaps you will find a suitable one on one of the old key chains. Take a look at the photo to find out how it should look.


    Prepare also thread and scissors.

    See a master class with pictures to make a quick gift easy and beautiful.


    Step-by-step instruction


    1. Take two pieces of fabric, lean them facing each other.


    Quick gift with your own hands, master class


    2. Sew the pieces together on three sides. You can stitch the fabric on the machine or sew manually.


    3. Gently trim the corners of the fabric. Be careful not to accidentally cut the seam.


    Quick gift with your own hands, master class


    4. Turn to the front side, while straightening the corners with scissors.


    5. Lightly wrap the non-sewn fabric inward. The resulting craft put the not stitched side to the top.


    Quick gift with your own hands, master class


    6. Wrap the bottom of the fabric approximately 1/2 length. Press down lightly by ironing.


    7. Sew this part of the craft from three sides, as shown in the picture. It is advisable to make the seam as close as possible to the edge.


    Quick gift with your own hands, master class


    8. Put the ring on the opposite side, thread the fabric into it, bending it as in the photo. Sew the raw edge.


    9.Your craft is ready.


    Now take the lip gloss of your favorite brand, put it inside - you made a great quick gift with your own hands! Present it to your girlfriend, so that sheen and lipstick are always at hand and never lost in her purse. Such a convenient little bag can be attached to a bunch of keys or to a wallet.


    Some tips


    • Use non-plain fabrics of bright colors with geometric patterns. Then the work will look more original and colorful.
    • Be sure to choose for two strips fabric that blends well with each other in color.
    • For example, you can take a couple of pieces with different geometric shapes, but made in the same color scheme.
    • It is best to use the same type of material of different shades.
    • The main thing to use quality materials that will last a long time.
    • Do not take fabric of very light shades. A white or beige keychain can quickly become dirty in a purse.
    • You can additionally decorate the case by stitching shiny sequins to it or sticking rhinestones to it.
    • On the ring you can hang a small key chain with a bow, a small plastic toy or a small decoration.


    It is very simple to make such a quick gift with your own hands.All you need is a few pieces of fabric, a little time and inspiration. The result will definitely make you happy! After all, how will your girlfriend be pleasantly strangled by such a useful and at the same time nice gift.

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