• Quick recipe for salted herring rolls

    Salted herring is healthier than fish with strong salting. Herring producers add a large amount of harmful preservatives to their products. Cook at home and then be sure of the quality of your food.

    This recipe will allow you to cook not just a tasty herring, but rolls based on it. It's very simple, you just need to wait a bit.

    To get started, buy herring. Give preference to oceanic - it has less harmful substances. But the sea fish will not be so safe. Take a large herring with a uniform color scales. Wash the fish and remove the gills. The most deliciously salted herring is salted whole. Boil 500-600 ml of water, dissolve 1 tablespoon of salt and sugar in it. Cool the brine to room temperature and fill it with fish. After 2 days in the fridge, the herring will be ready.

    Cut fish into fillets, removing all the bones with tweezers. By the way, on an industrial scale, the bones are removed with the help of chemicals.Cooking is safer! The peel is easily removed with a sharp knife. Put the fish on one layer of plastic wrap and cover with a second layer. Carefully repel the fillet with a kitchen hammer. The upper part of the film can be removed, because it was only needed so that the pieces of fish do not fly apart.

    For the rolls filling, mash the melted cheese with a fork, adding one teaspoon of sour cream and mayonnaise to it.

    The filling is laid out on the herring. You can add your favorite spices. With herring, black pepper and coriander are good.

    From the top you can add marinated peppers or cucumbers. Salty, too, will do. Add parsley, dill or green onions. So rolls will be not only tasty, but also very colorful.

    It remains only to twist the fish in a dense roll. Since the herring lies on the film, it is very easy to do. Now you need to leave the roll in the freezer for 1 hour.

    After that roll can be cut. And you can put it in the fridge if you need to serve the dish to the table later.

    Rolls can be served separately or on croutons with butter. Add greens and some French mustard. Your guests will definitely ask for a recipe!

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