• Quilling, New Year and gifts. How to make a holiday unforgettable?

    Quilling, New Year and giftsIn the New Year, everyone wants a fairy tale. And most often, the creators of the New Year's miracle are ordinary people who care about their loved ones and who are not alien to the feeling of beauty. It is these people who create the brilliant New Year's paper crafts, surprising with their beauty and originality. Methods of making Christmas crafts with their own hands from quilling, we consider in this article.

    New Year's Quilling

    What paper decorations can be made for the New Year? Such a question can drive into a stupor only poorly familiar with the world of quilling or acquaintances so much that paper snowflakes, postcards, Christmas trees and other handicrafts will not surprise them. Nevertheless, it is these products are the most manufactured on this holiday.

    Crafts from quilling for the New Year. How to make a paper postcard?


    • colored cardboard;
    • thin colored paper;
    • toothpick;
    • glue;
    • scissors.


    1. Take the colored paper and cut it into equal strips about 4 mm wide. In total, we need 24 such papers.
    2. Then we wrap each of the strips in turn with a “snail” around the toothpick. After the implementation of the conceived paper should be given a little unwind.
    3. Glue the free end to the base.
    4. Now we make “diamonds” from one half of the blanks, and “tears” from the other. Christmas crafts without them are impossible. "Rhombs" are produced by pressing the fingers on both sides of the workpiece, and "tears" - only with one.
    5. Done? Excellent! It will be flower petals. But now they need to make more cores for them.
    6. Additionally, cut four strips and using a toothpick make a tight spiral. We do not hurry to remove the workpiece from the tree, since in this case the free end must be glued, "without departing from the cash register". That is, right on the toothpick.
    7. After that, we take the cardboard and decorate it with colored squares. It is on them will be fastened flowers, so try to correctly calculate the size.
    8. Spread the back side of the blanks with glue and glue them to the cardboard in such a way that the flowers turn out.

    That's it! Now it remains to sign a postcard. Quilling and the New Year allow you to create a fairy tale, but you must already present it.
    Quilling, New Year and gifts

    Quilling, New Year and Christmas tree

    Christmas tree is considered a traditional attribute of the New Year holiday. So why don't you make a miniature version of it out of paper? Since this tree is adorned with the whole family, it is better to make such a New Year's craft also together.
    Quilling, New Year and gifts
    For this you will need:

    • green tissue paper;
    • match;
    • scissors;
    • glue;
    • beads;
    • a piece of plastic.

    New Year's quilling: Christmas tree

    1. Cut paper strips. By the way, if you decide to combine quilling and New Year, then you can ease the task by purchasing special paper strips for this business.
    2. With scissors we split the top of the match, shove a paper strip into the gap formed and start making a “snail”.
    3. Spun some blanks tighter, others make more free.
    4. Squeeze the workpiece with your fingers from one edge.
    5. We glue our tree from blanks. First we create a flat tree, and then at the 90 degree angle we attach two more sides to it. Blanks, of course, it is better to attach with a decrease to the top, otherwise the quilling (Christmas crafts) will be damaged.
    6. Prepare beads to decorate the Christmas tree, and from white plastic build a stand for your masterpiece.
    7. Glue it all to the appropriate places of the product.

    Quilling, New Year and Gifts
    Done! You managed to make a beautiful Christmas crafts with your own hands.

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