• Recipe "Salad with cyrillos"

    Today I offer you to make a very tasty and simple salad with crackers. I received the recipe for this salad from my mother several years ago, and now it is always on our festive table. There are several advantages to this salad: the salad is nourishing, the ingredients are available to everyone, it is easy to prepare and has an original taste. Such a salad will suit both the festive table and the usual dinner. So, in order to make a salad with croutons, we need the following products: a small pack of rusks with salmon or caviar flavor; two medium potatoes; one medium carrot; two cloves of garlic; three eggs (chicken); a can of any sprats in oil; three tablespoons of mayonnaise; a pinch of salt. Sprats need to be crushed (I mash them with a fork). Boil the potatoes, carrots and eggs in salted water. Then let them cool and clean. Eggs and vegetables (including garlic) three on a large or small grater. Then we combine them with sprats and crackers. Salt, add mayonnaise and mix. Salad ready.If you submit it immediately, the croutons will be crispy. About an hour after cooking, the croutons will become soft and the salad more tender. I am sure that the salad with croutons will occupy a worthy place on your list of tasty and festive dishes.
     Recipe “Cyrillic Salad”
     Recipe “Salad with“ Cyrusha
     Recipe “Cyrillic Salad

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