• Regina Todorenko stopped hiding pregnant belly

    You can not hide any loose clothes by the leading position.

    It seems she always laughs - in a rare photo Regina the traveler does not smile. However, for this it is loved by subscribers, which are already nearly five million. Now TV presenter fans have an extra reason to rejoice - their favorite is waiting for their first child.

    Photo: @vladtopalovofficial

    In July, Regina and her elect, Vlad Topalov, confirmed that they have a romance. And soon the 28-year-old TV presenter admitted that Vlad had made her an offer and she said yes. And then to wait for the wedding, but ... It turned out that Regina is pregnant. It seems that for this reason the lovers are not in a hurry to roll up a magnificent celebration. True, Regina herself did not comment on her position. And in the photo I tried to hide the stomach, masking the pregnancy.

    But you can’t hide the sewing in the bag, it’s impossible to hide the pregnancy forever. And finally, the ex-leader of “Eagle and Tails” has posted a photo, which quite eloquently confirms everything: Regina is posing on it in a tight-fitting dress, having given up her overalls. And, of course, she smiles heartily.

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