• Registration of nail salon

    In Almaty, I open a small nail salon (a small separate building). While I will work alone. When promoted - I will take the masters. How beautiful to arrange the interior outside, to attract attention? It is desirable so that you can do it yourself.
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    Light is always the most effective way to design. A lot of light, bright, flickering. The hands can be issued by an electric garland. Highlight the led-lamp sign with the name, so that it was visible in the evening.
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    Make a sign with a list of services and cost. Marketers recommend doing in yellow-red color, they are more than others attract attention. Another very impressive look volumetric letters, for example, such:. They can be issued in neon colors and in an original form.
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    In the summer, make fresh flowers. Sold in pots, which can be hung on the wall. And in the winter - spruce garlands and wreaths.You can paint the walls and a beautiful pattern.

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