• Restoring an old chair

    Beautiful, durable and inexpensive furniture - this is now not to be found. If necessary, the same chair, with all these parameters, then it either needs to be completely made independently, or to alter a strong grandfather's chair. The first option is complicated and not everyone will master it, but it’s quite possible for everyone to change the old chair of the times of your grandfather’s or grandmother’s youth. Chairs used to be done conscientiously, but over time, the appearance could become unusable, which did not affect its strength. Let's return the youth to the despondent chair.
     Restoring an old chair
    What we need:
    • an old chair;
    • a can paint golden color;
    • 8 screws;
    • brush on metal;
    • upholstery fabric.
    • How we will bring beauty to the chair:  Restoring the old chair
    1. Unscrew the old screws. They will need to be replaced with new ones, since in the course of time they have become unsuitable.
     Restoring the old chair
    2.Using a brush on metal to eliminate rust, stains of old paint and other contaminants.
     Restoring the old chair
    3. Shake the spray can thoroughly and coat the frame of the chair. Strictly adhere to the recommendations for use, which are registered on the spray. The paint is strongly sprayed, so it is better to use a respirator or a medical face mask to avoid getting the paint into the body. The place for painting must either be carefully closed with a film so as not to stain it, or it should be painted where traces of paint will be insignificant. It is necessary to coat the frame in several layers, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly. Drying time for each paint is individual and depends on the temperature in the room.
     Restoring the old chair
    4. Upholstery fabric, you can buy or use some of the unnecessary things. In our case, these are cushion covers from an old sofa. Remove the old upholstery. Cut the required size of the new cover, stitch and put on the seat.
     Restoring the old chair
    5.Using the screws to install the seat on the frame.
     Restoring the old chair
    6. A similar operation to hold the back of the chair. To the back of the chair sat beautifully and tightly, you need to fix it with a construction stapler.
     Restoring the old chair
    7. Set the back of the chair on the frame.
     Restoring the old chair
    P.S. The chair is ready to serve faithfully for more than one year. The price of the issue is 55 hryvnia for a can of paint.
     Restoring the old chair
     Restoring the old chair

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